I'm sick of the human race!

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  • talesin

    hey, size ..... xoxo to you ... you are a good man ...

  • Robdar

    Tree Of Life Paintings - Peace Tree of Life by Tree Whisper Art - DLynneS

    WS, you are officially invited to my annual Winter Solstice party. We will make "moon wine" and smoke a fatty. There will plenty of food too. It's always uplifting to nosh with friends who love you.

  • AGuest

    Ahh, dear Size (peace to you!)... perhaps you missed the "spirit" of the thread? For once, christians, atheists, pagans, and others have come together in agreement: people [can] suck!

    Come... JOIN us! Put your arms around a tree, brother (or around dear Robdar, oh, oops, dear Tale - peace to you, both, and hey, I don't care.. free will... free "love", etc.)... and SING WITH ME:

    "KooooombyJAHHHHHHHHH, m'lord, kooooooombyJAHHHHHHHHH!" (my version, of course - - but you can sing it any way YOU like...)

    Peace... and have a fig (or give a fig, whichever)!

    SA, on her own... poking dear Size in the ribs... trying to tickle him and make him laugh... okay, smile... okay, stop pouting...

  • Berengaria


    the point is when you have uplifting association with a few members of the human race, which must include good food and drink, you soon remember why you actually love the human race!

  • watersprout

    Unshakled Lol! Have a drink my friend! *dances round the pretty trees*

    Zid leave your car here and have a drink! Come on you know you want to!!!! wink wink

    FSP I can see you swinging through the trees! *Looks up and proffers a drink and a banana*

    Kazar Yey!! Drinky poos??

    Cuckoo I have choccies plus ''magic'' brownies! Can I tempt you?? *offers cuckoo a brownie and giggles*

    Shelby (peace to you!) have a dirrrtttty martini my love and a ''magic'' brownie... They are gooooooood! *starts dancing and singing Kumbaya* I always sang that with JAH at the end. I thought those wre the correct lyrics. Lol!

    Berengaria what ya drinking?? It's good stuff!

    Tammy have a brownie! *Completely walks past Tammy cause there are now three of her*

    Ohio peace to you to my friend... You are very right. Lets eat drink sing and dance, cause that's what life is about!!

    Sizemik have a brownie and come hug a tree! You know you want to laugh with Shelby trying to tickle you! *Attempts to feed sizemik some brownie*

    Talesin thank you! Come on over cause we have an awesome paaaarrrrrtttttyyyyy on the go!

    Robdar I am there! I love a good party! Specially if there is yummy food and of course a fatty! Lol

    Peace to you all and thank you for joining me! Love you guys!

  • wasblind

    Hello there Watersprout

    Wuz luvs ya !!! and don't you forget it

  • watersprout

    Awwww Wasblind love ya to hunni pie! Now get over here and eat a yummy brownie! They make you feel awesome!


  • N.drew


  • watersprout

    I'm right here! *Swings from tree as FSP has been sharing bananas*

    What ya drinking??


  • AGuest
    I always sang that with JAH at the end. I thought those wre the correct lyrics.

    I never made the connection until I received and understood the name, dear WS (peace, chile!)! Take care, luv: all that dancing and swinging from trees might lead to... DISCO-ING!!!!! (SA asks the DJ to put on "Jungle Boogie"!)...



    SA, on her own... raising voice ("KOOOOOMBYJAHHHHHH, m'lord... KOOOOOMBYJAH...")... looking over to see if dear Size (peace, dude!) has started singing, yet... or at least stopped pouting... and giving him a wink...

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