Was Your Life As A Jehovah's Witness HORRIBLE???

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Not horrible, as my parents' problems were not caused by the WTS.

    It was very depressing to me to grow up without joy.

    It was so frustrating to be told "no" every time I wanted to do something fun, something NORMAL.

    I lived an empty childhood and part adulthood trying to do the right thing because it was beat into me.

    I saw kids at school and in the neighborhood playing together, having fun, and having joyful celebrations regularly throughout the year that I never had.

    A joyful life was flaunted before my eyes 24/7 for 37 years since birth.

    I knew what to do to be happy, but those things were prohibited.

    Now, I do whatever it takes to be happy.

    I'm free to do what's necessary to be happy.

    The only bosses I have are at my place of work and U.S. Law.

    It's easy to work within those laws.

    WT laws drive people to their graves.

  • ziddina

    MINIMUS!! You happy lil' red dancing dot, you!! dancing red dot

    Good thread!

    Like so many others here, I was 'indoctrinated' while very young - beaten and bullied into the cult from the age of 5 - which is when my manic-depressive father joined the cult in a desperate attempt to control HIS MENTAL ISSUES...

    By the way, the idiot never got one iota of relief from his chronic depression... Although he CLAIMED that it helped... All part of his self-delusional behavior which probably reinforced the underlying causes of his depressions... He was CONSTANTLY having to be hauled off to the looney bin for electro-shock therapy - AFTER HE'D JOINED THE WITLESSES!!! And serves him right, too!!

    My idiot mother - ALSO a manic-depressive - went along with the cult, spineless passive-aggressive manipulator that she is... Whoever commented on the first page that their mother was a perfect fit for the cult and vice-versa - well, that comment fit BOTH of my moron parents....

    I had been coerced into baptism at age 17; married a JW man - and what a disaster THAT was!!! I would have been MUCH better off, marrying a WORLDLY man - wider range of choices and FAR BETTER MATERIAL out there.

    I ALWAYS HATED being in the cult - even when I was trying to 'fit in' - mostly to avoid beatings and insults - I wanted OUT OUT OUT!! It was when I reached the point of SERIOUSLY considering suicide, that I broke traces and threw EVERYTHING over - broke the marriage vows, divorced the JW clone, disassociated AND cut off the vicious, destructive parents - all within a space of 5 years...

    MAN, that felt GOOD!!!

    I'd ALWAYS had a creepy, crawly feeling about the Watchtower Society - CULT. But, it wasn't until I came here - directed by another ex-JW website, that I realized that I wasn't the only one to have had such bad experiences while trapped in the cult.

    And I learned SO MUCH MORE - all about the devious, dishonest, vicious and deliberately destructive, underhanded behavior of the originators of the cult and their current leaders - WOW...!!

    If only I had known all about their hypocrisy when I was 10 years old!! I would have thrown a bloody holy FIT unti I was allowed OUT of that damned cult!!

    Leaving that gawddammed cult was like finally escaping a coffin in which I'd been buried alive!!


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    YES! My life as a JW was horrible. It ruined my childhood, my adolescence, and my family.

  • leavingwt

    I was treated very well and I was highly regarded. Then, I discovered it wasn't f---ing true. Why bother, if it's not true?

    It was my intention to let everyone know that it wasn't true. You know, the decent thing to do. I quickly realized that this isn't the kosher thing to to inside of a cult, so I DA'd myself, before they had the chance to DF me for telling the truth about 'The Truth'.

  • minimus

    White Dove, I understand.

  • NanaR
  • unshackled

    It was the shits. I'd rather wash Glenn Beck's feet than be JW again.

  • N.drew

    ziddina you are amazing!!! Congrats!!! I like your story. It is true than, that mental stuff skips a generation. You seem like a well adjusted happy person. Good for you! I am a fellow animal lover. Can I say God bless you! Please don't be offended. And , oh, thanks for the initiation! I will never forget it! Do dragons like hearts? Ooh ya! They eat them.

  • NoRegrets

    To me it's not how bad it WAS, it's how good it WASN'T! Even my best days as an active JW were empty in so many ways. At the time, I didn't really comprehend the fog I was in. I just knew that something didn't feel right. Now that I'm out, I realize that my heart knew what it felt but was being suppressed by one of the most elaborate hierarchies of control ever devised!

    As far as the tangible abuse I endured from my parents? I'm not sure if it would have been better or worse had they not been witnesses. My father always had a horrific temper even before he became a witness. Sometimes I wonder if him being a part of the JWs might have prevented him from being more abusive because he had to be accountable to the phony "justice" of his religion. I don't know and never will, but I am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY to not be a witness anymore. Whatever conclusions I draw about morality, or religion, or anything: THEY ARE MY CONCLUSIONS! I get to decide for MYSELF!!!

    That is priceless..........

  • ziddina

    LOL @ N.drew!!!

    Ahem.... But I was a She-Devil when I "initiated" you...

    I need to clarify this statement a bit...

    "By the way, the idiot never got one iota of relief from his chronic depression... Although he CLAIMED that it helped... "

    The idiot never got one iota of relief from his chronic depression - the CULT was TOTALLY useless - even though he joined the CULT because they filled his head with false promises about how thier 'gawd' would help him to overcome his problems... And he was SO mentally deluded that he CLAIMED that it helped...!!

    It's been my experience that sick organizations attract sick people...

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