Things that made you cringe at "the meetings"

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  • MrFreeze

    When the CO would come around, we were supposed to keep our comments to a minimum amount of time so we could breeze through the watchtower. There was an instance where a sister went on for about three minutes. She wasn't saying anything that had to do with the watchtower. The study conductor tried to interrupt her to move on but she just kept going. The study conductor eventually told the bro handling the mic "get the mic off of her".

  • DarioKehl

    Ring master elders. The kind who would be deeply involved in a scandalous judicial meeting or perhaps have high drama with other elders or congo members "behind the scenes" but could get on a stage and open a TMS/Service meeting as if everything were just hunky-dory. I used to observe some things as and MS and son of an elder. I used to be aware of the inner circle drama and "the show must go on" persona that the sweet little old ladies, recently baptized and R&F newlywed families saw from the stage always disturbed me. How could they march up there and host a friendly "up-building" Q&A session in the midst of crazy drama? If they could fake it through a 15-min part, who's to say they're not faking it when they say "hello, nice to see you" in the lobby every meeting? I noticed pressure to put on this game face as I increased in rank and it really, really bothered me.

    If you're an MS and an elder riding your ass until your gums recede, how the hell are you supposed to call on him when he has his hand up during a KM part and pretend everything's fine??? I had to do shit like that! ugh....

  • silver rhino
    silver rhino

    This one pioneer elderette that would start every comment with " if you did your research..."

  • DarioKehl

    ugh... silver rhino... dead on.

    There's always one guy, usually the elder everyone else hates, who says "I, me or my" in his comments.

    "Well, when I was at the international convention in Prague having a circle jerk with brother Governing Body, I noticed a poor local family sharing the same bowl of borscht so I have them a $50 and, with the exchange rate, they were able to get a hotel instead of driving their shitty beater back and forth 300 miles every day. YAY ME!"

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    WT studies on sex, especially when the kids answered.


  • erbie

    'We're Jehovah's Witnesses

    We speak out in fearlessness

    Ours is the God of true prophecy

    What he foretells comes to be'

    That song made my ears bleed every time. True prophecy indeed. Ha!

  • WTWizard

    Their hang-ups against sex. They basically made it clear that I was not to have anything to do with the opposite sex in the world--except to witless to them. And, if I wanted anything with them, first I had to bring them into the cancer. This came right from the rags and the doctrine, and the hounders only added to it. I personally see nothing wrong with courting people of other faiths, or of no faith--the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery makes such a big deal out of it.

    And, even worse is that I should have been cringing but was totally unaware of it on issues that really matter. They taught rubbish as "science", to make their doctrines believeable. They were lousy at teaching about other countries--aside what showed up in the yearbook, you never got to know anything about even major places. To think--when I had my head buried in a Washtowel, I had no idea of where Auckland was aside that it is in the southern hemisphere (or what it was, had I not seen it listed in a major newspaper weather section as a "travel city"). I knew nothing about the financial markets except that they were all going to become worthless (which might yet happen to stocks, and will happen to all debt-based fiat currencies). Even gold and silver were bashed--I didn't get even a word of investment advice, whether mainstream or not, from the religion.

    What I was aware of was that they wanted me to waste all my time pious-sneering. Get a month with five Saturdays and/or five Sundays, and there would be the insinuation that everyone must pious-sneer that month with no excuses. As I had been hounded about it so much that I would have been doing it for them only, I never did it--but the hounding was never-ending.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The talk about Jehovah killing eveyone in front of children. I can remember the nightmares I used to have as a kid over such talks and then to see it still happening in front of the children used to make me totally cringe.

    Also the use of the words brothers and sisters sounds so cult like.


  • lostandconfused

    BrokenPromises - I had the same thought exactly

  • lostandconfused

    Erbie- I agree, that song makes me shudder LOL

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