Things that made you cringe at "the meetings"

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  • i_drank_the_wine

    I always cringed so hard when a "brother" or "sister" would make some overly heartfelt comment about Jehovah-something, usually related to a personal experience of theirs, and get all teared up and/or start crying.

    Once this fringe dude that's been DF'd twice now was giving a talk and kept having these long awkward pauses where he looked like he was real stressed out, then he would start up again, stutter, slip up, and repeat the process until he looked down and went "I, I just can't do this" and walked off the stage and left the hall.

    It also made my spchincter pucker when a young person would give some super devotional comment on how much they love big J and whatnot, which would make the congregation all smile in their hearts and wag their heads in approval.

  • JustThatGirl007

    LOL!! I stopped commenting YEARS ago because I cried every time. No idea why other than plain anxiety. *shrug*

    I hated the super spiritual comments made by 7 year olds. Like you've even got enough thought in your little brain to comprehend what you just said! You need to be playing with Barbies & legos & crap! WTF?

  • DarioKehl

    That Godawful song about "succor" and "beating off molested bees."

  • DarioKehl

    The brief name of ORAL REVIEW. GOD I hated that!!! I asked my mom one time if she was prepared for "this week's anal review--oops, I mean, oral review" and surprisingly got a chuckle from her. She rolled her eyes and said, "Really...what WERE they thinking???"

  • fade_away

    The crying during comments was so common among the sisters in the hall. Once a brother made a deep and heartfelt comment about us as Jehovah's organization and the new world. The comment lasted for about 2 minutes, and as he was finishing his tone got a little louder like a dictator giving a speech. The funny part came after he finished...A schitzophrenic brother applauded, but he was the only one. He only really got like two other people to follow him in applause, (probably waking up to the sound and joining in without knowing what was going on) but the whole congregation was like "WTF?" Even the elder on the stage was all


    There was a sister who was a tad unstable and whenever she got called on, I just knew it would be a long, drawn out comment that would make me cringe. During her comment I'd look around for a few of my friends and we'd be lafing to ourselves, shaking our heads or trying to make each other laf. Mind you, I was in my 20's and 30's, so I wans't a child. But the best thing to do was make the most of it. I also remember thinking, what a bad witness she is giving to anyone NOT a witness..Then again, maybe she spared them from joining the ranks with all her craziness. She might be a silent hero afterall.

    On a personal note though, I ALWAYS cringed when the comments or articles were around homosexuality. The comments made me feel like I was a murderer or the worst piece of shit on earth. I could never comment on any of those paragraphs, although I wanted to raise my hand and just say, "Yea..I think we should just kill all the gays and be done with 'em." I was so depressed yet pissed at the same time. Although the hardest part was hearing your friends speak with disgust about homosexuality :(

  • Iamallcool


  • clarity

    Let's see ...hmm what was the most cringe worthy thing ...... oh yeah............

    the nervous brother or sis doing a talk in the school thur nites and couldn't catch their breath, their throat just got tighter and tighter and everone in the audience was struggling to breathe for them OMG!!!!!

    I'm hyperventilating just remembering it!


  • lovelylil

    I cringed every time someone took their poor little kid into the back room for a beating just because at 2, they could not sit perfectly still for 2 hours at the kh. You could hear the kid screaming and every wack and the other jdubs would just ignore it, while the brother giving the talk raised his voice over the poor kid's screams. This actually made my skin crawl with anger.

  • stuckinamovement

    There was this one kid who was 3 or so who would scream, "please don't hurt me" and "help me" as he was dragged out of the hall for the inevitable beating. I am happy to say that he is now a well adjusted young man who is not a witness.


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