AWESOME coincidence today in college!

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  • TimothyT

    Last week was my first week in college on my new counselling course. Last year I decided I wanted to join a course which would help me to understand my own sufferings and try to help others to do the same. We introduced ourselves to our class mates and I made it very clear to them all that i am gay and I was kicked out of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and now im much happier. On coffee break, one of the women on the course came up to me and congratulated me on being true to myself and leaving the JW's. She then went into some detail about her experiences with Jehovah’s Witnesses. She said that she has always found them to be very odd and most unreasonable, but she pointed out that only once, she had a lovely conversation with a nice young JW who was pleasant and polite. I told her that very few JW’s are like that.

    Anyway, today, we got chatting a little more and we decided that it would help our studies if we met up next week sometime. She said she would call me on Tuesday as she is going to see her mum who lives in a certain street nearby where I live. When she said the name of the street, I kind of stopped and ran through all the references I have to that street (this is just a psychological thing I do - I think I like to try and make connections). Naturally, one of the connections I have is the fact that I have preached there several times. I asked which house and she said the number. THEN I STOPPED!

    I then reasoned it all through in my head and said to her: "IV MET YOU BEFORE!" I explained that i preached in that area on that house about 10 months ago and i met a woman about your height, who enjoys spirituality and holistic therapy, and who had just finished a counselling course and was going to start another one in September. She then said: "YES!!! ITS YOU! YOU WERE THE NICE YOUNG JW MAN !" When she said that i was shocked. I remember having the conversation with her about spirituality and really connecting with her. I was going through a lot at that point suffering with my sexuality and the religion and we just clicked. Needless to say the brother I was with wanted to bring it all back to JW speak, but we were having a great chat. Hehe...

    Anyway, it’s crazy that we are now on the same course. She said to me that she remembered our chat and that it didn’t even click that the young man she was referring to was the very young man that she was drinking coffee with at that very moment. She then commended me further for how much I have grown and how proud she is of me already.

    Anyway, the whole experience made me feel very close to her and i feel we are going to be great friends. It also goes to show that all this crap that everyone who isnt a JW is wicked is utter shi*e!


  • OnTheWayOut

    How fresh that incident still is. Great for you, seeing a completely different path. You've been on each side of the door in that incident now.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Thanks for sharing that, you've clearly always been a polite and likeable person, despite the guilt trips put on you by the Wtbts. Sounds like a coincidence worthy of the Yearbook..

  • stillstuckcruz

    What an awesome experience! If any JW read this, they would say that it was Satan's doing or something. It's funny how any "coincidence" favorable to JW's teachings or whatever is the result of God's blessings and will. Of course, any coincidences outside of that are a result of Satan. Or they are just that...mere coincidences. you are so very fortunate. I pray one day for a person who can empathise with me and we can understand what it's like together. I have a best friend who I can talk to about my JW experiences, and she gasps and everything, but she will never understand fully what we all go through. Good for you Timmy!

  • JWdaughter

    Cool story, thanks! Aren't you glad you weren't the asshole she remembered speaking to???? It could have gone much differently if you were a few of the JWs I have known and dreaded going out in FS with:)

  • cantleave

    So now you can be friends without trying to recruit her.

    Nice story!

  • JustThatGirl007

    Awesome!! I got a little choked up. :)

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Six degrees of separation. Jung wrote of synchronicity. I tend to be analytical. My brother joined a Maoist group affiliated with Alabania after leaving the Witnesses. The family knew not where he was for decades. My therapy appt was changed so I had to travel at a different time. I stop by the subway vendor to buy a token and voila-my brother is before my eyes. Another time, a decade later, he is still very much underground, NYC is host of one of the largest politcal demonstrations ever for No Nukes. My mom and I march. As we enter Central Park for the concert, guess who is handing out Maoist lit? He never saw the connection between JW and Maoism.

    Imagine the millions of people on the NYC transit system and the chances of meeting on a particular day.

    When I worked for a very WASPY proper Wall St. law firm, I would goof around off hours far away from the canyons of the Financial District. Countless times I did something silly and noticed a partner observing me from a sideline.

    Good spooky things happen frequently. I've never plotted them. Jung attracts me but I am not a gung ho believer. Good weird things happen too frequently to be chance.

    I can't cope with my JW background and academia. After decades, the memories and pain remain too raw. I steered a wide berth. Of course, I would tell people I knocked on doors to have them rolling on the floor in laughter. I am definitely not the type. Therefore, I am very respectful of members here who can address in course work.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Hey, good luck in your studies, enjoy your freedom to express yourself as you are!

  • mamalove

    That gave me chills. Good for you! What a cool story!

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