I Called the Headquarters About the "Slaughter of Apostates" Quote

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  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I was never fond of Jehu. He kills people for worshipping other gods and then does the very same thing himself.

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    Jehu's Coronation and Purge of Israel

    By: Moore, Michael S. . Vetus Testamentum , Jan2003, Vol. 53 Issue 1, p97-114,

    From this

    point of view, Jehu is merely and only a purgation tool in the hands

    of Yahweh.


    Others disagree. G. Ahlström, for example, sees him as a political




    Why does Jehu so fervently attack Canaanite religion only

    to submit later to Assyrian hegemony?


    Whether his submission is religious

    or political is, again, debatable,


    yet the famous Black Obelisk


    show him submitting to Shalmaneser III, 14 and this fits poorly with

    the biblical tradition’s portrayal of this king.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    Again a very great thread thanks DT.


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    Great research DT! Thank you!

  • Heaven
    Is this in the public edition

    Of course not. Even they are not that stupid.

    Oh, whew! That's good. For a minute there I thought the Writing Department et al had lost their minds.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Pardon me for borrowing a Farkel-ism there)

  • DT

    Thank you for all your comments.

    I have tried to reach T.R. Hobbs a couple of times by email and haven't received any response. I suspect that either my emails aren't getting through or he just isn't interested in responding. I don't want to pester him, so I won't be sending him any more emails. If anyone else wants to contact him, they can try. I think it's pretty obvious that his comments were taken out of context, but it would have been interesting to hear his thoughts on the matter.

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    I got some miracle Wheat to sell!

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    I don't have the Word commentary on 2Kings but in my Tyndale Commentary on 1&2 Kings, Donald J. Wiseman confirms that in 2 Kings 10:18-27, "There may be a oral play on words between `worship' (`abad) and `slaughter' ('ibbad), as in verse 19."

    But the point is that Jehu put to death "the worshipers of Ba´al" (vv.19,21,22,23 NWT). But what the Watchtower calls "the worshipers of Ba´al" are the worshippers of Jesus! So out of their own mouth they are equating Jesus with Ba´al. They will have to explain that to Jesus when they stand before Him at the Last Judgement (Jn 5:26-27; Act 10:41-42; 17:31; Rom 2:16; 2Cor 5:10; 2Tim 4:1).

    No doubt "the worshipers of Ba´al" sincerely believed that the worshippers of Yahweh were the apostates, when actually the boot was on the other foot!

    Stephen E. Jones

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    what did the cat do in the picture posted to be destroyed?

    It may have been given a blood transfusion. See 2/15/1964 Watchtower Questions from Readers for more information. It seems that not only are humans under the JW interpretation of Mosaic Law (wasn't that fulfilled?), but so are animals.

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    Mad Sweeney


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    Any way that you could scan and post a PDF copy of that page? ... it will be awesome to have in my records.

    Quote: I thought it was interesting what 2 Kings 10:31 (KJV) says, "But Jehu took no heed to walk in the law of the LORD God of Israel with all his heart: for he departed not from the sins of Jeroboam, which made Israel to sin."

    We have to remember, and something that I've learned in a broader sense and its implications, is that the moment Israel asked for a king like the rest of the nations, Lord Almighty said it himself ... they rejected HIM ... God out of his promise to Abraham, and only because of his oath to Abraham kept working with the Israelites so to say ... in the lives and history of the Israelites you can see how Satan was always trying to twarth God's plan thus not everything the Israelites did was by divine appointment, the dark spiritual realm was always at work in them ...

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