You All Need To Read This New Letter Sent To All Conregations In Victoria Australia About Police Checks For Elders

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  • Hairyhegoat

    Police Minister Peter Ryan has written a letter to Mr Unthank advising that JW's are now applying, in mass, for the WWC in Victoria. To little to late. Criminal Charges still stand and cannot be backdated! WHO IS RESPONSIBLE

    New letter being read out in ALL Victorian Congregations about the Working With Children Check, this week. It backs the Organisation that they got it right with their thoughts on who needs to apply as they dont have Sunday Schools or Child Specific Activities. The letter also stated that JW's are NOT volunteers for Watchtower Bible Tract Society!Yet we go from door to door promoting the articles published by WTBTS and Promote what is being said by WTBTS.
    A recorded copy will be sent to Mr Unthank and I hope he will put the transcript on his JWnews site.
    I also suspect a seperate letter has been sent to all Victorian Elders. With what I posted on Monday (post 1)it appears that Police Minister Peter Ryan has sent Mr Unthank a letter dated last week which was received on Monday. Something is going on behind the scenes? It looks like to me that the Corporation is trying to make each Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses, its own identity and its own responsibility. Therefore trying to make any JW responsible themselves for not complying with the WWC?
    I personally know that the mumours and whispers have gone into overdrive atm!
    If anyone else is from Victoria, post what you know?

    If they are not volunteers of the WTBTS then who are they dedicating themselves to when they get baptized? The question that they have to agree to states "Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in association with God's spirit-directed organization?" Sounds like they are should all be disfellowshipped if they are not volunteers of this organization.

    These comments are from another site and just proves the WTBTS are getting a kick up the ass not just in the UK but over in Australia too

    Lets hope they get some more bad press over this aswell.. Shouldn't the elders be CRB checked in the UK also ? Something else to use against the WT here in the UK if this is required by law and they think they can ignore it like in Australia.


  • NewChapter

    SIGH--there is so little we can do in the US. Our laws prevent most intervention---and yet we spend so much effort trying to keep religion OUT of government and the schools.


  • sizemik

    Interesting indeed . . . thanks for the post HHG

  • stuckinamovement

    Didn't Gayle mention that the reporter in Victoria was going to do an update on this story?


  • stuckinamovement

    If they are not volunteers for the society, why do they submit time reports to the branch each month? Just like an employee timecard.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    As the US documents elsewhere on this site show - the JW congregations are already individualized with a criss cross of separate non-profit organizations and corporations for each project, congregation, building, committee etc. This is done for exactly this reason - to shield themselves from legal issues. If you read through the documentation on the statutes for each of those corporations - only when there are no debts (which would include legal issues) is the title and remainder of the money to be handed over to the WTBTS or if WTBTS doesn't exist or is no longer tax-exempt then to another organization appointed by the Governing Body. Guess who gets stuck with the legal issues and any debts if there are any, well the local elders that were stupid enough to sign without reading into the statutes.

    They are volunteers of their local Congregation (and whatever corporation or non-profit that has attached to it).

  • Violia

    Does Victoria require a Permit to go door to door? This is one of the things that was argued in our courts many years ago and basically the jws won. They are not salesmen and do not need a permit.

    So many times the reason the reason the wts does anything is to keep from coming under government control. They declare they are not salesmen also b/c it would mean the proceeds would be subject to taxation.

    This could become like the stupid little political card in Malawi. The org told them they could not buy one, they suffered and died. The brothers in Victoria are getting their own card and it's unlikely the Org will back up anyone who gets one and then has problems related to it.

    The org will not back up any of the jws in Victoria if they get this permit . I assume by having the permit they come under some kind of governmental control or at least must meet some requirements.

    We have been trying to tell the jws for years that the org will hang them out to dry and not come to their rescue. The org serves to keep itself alive monetarily and to stay a tax exempt org.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Get ready to revise your Saturday magazine presentations Australian Brothers and Sisters....

    "Good morning! We are volunteers...uh...ummm.. I mean we aren't really volunteers....uh... We are ....... What the hell are we?"

  • yourmomma

    I dont doubt what the OP is claiming, but I have to see for myself a letter from the watchtower that states that the members are not volunteers, i mean that is ridiculus, and I would think that would at least raise some eye brows among the flock. I mean, seriously? You have got to be kidding me.

  • Quendi

    Thanks Anony Mous for the information about U.S. congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses and their legal status in this country. I remember a few years ago when the new arrangement went into effect. The congregation was told it had to elect a "board" and hold a corporate meeting once a year. Of course, board members were drawn from the body of elders. I was still makikng efforts to get reinstated at that time, but I thought this was a very disturbing development that had absolutely nothing to do with "the preaching of the good news of the Kingdom". But I entirely understood the reasons for these "adjustments" as it was clear that the WTS was shielding itself from legal actions that others might initiate because of its policies.

    While I understand New Chapter's dismay about the protections enjoyed by the WTS in the United States, I for one am glad they are in place. The Society isn't the only entity which has abused Constitutional freedoms and committed all kinds of wrongdoing that cannot be sanctioned or punished. But when I think about the alternative reality, I have to be glad those legal guarantees exist. Many of them have been incorporated into American law precisely because of court fights the WTS made back in the 1930s and 1940s. They were used as the basis for lawsuits involving civil rights, among other things, and the country would be much worse off if those court cases had never been argued. So fighting the WTS in the United States will require a different approach than what works in Britain and Australia, But I like to believe that there are people working on this even now and the developments abroad have given them hope.


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