You All Need To Read This New Letter Sent To All Conregations In Victoria Australia About Police Checks For Elders

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  • Quarterback

    I remember the case in Plainville, Quebec, Canada. They wanted the JW's to obtain a permit card that would allow them to witness between certain hrs during the day. There were some restrictions. The Soc back then were strong on the Donation arrangement. This was at the crux of the permit issue. Then in Quebec, a special meeting ensued. No one was allowed to ask for a donation in their door to door witnessing. The Society told the members to cooperate with this new approach to spin it. Till this day, we don't mention the donation arrangement in Canada. The Soc. won the case.

    The Soc has somethin up their sleeve.

  • DT

    I wonder what kind of an effect this will have on the witnesses. This resembles an admission of guilt for not following the law. Otherwise, they should have fought it. It seems that God forget to give them the right direction at the right time. This will also begin to reveal the extent of the pedophilia problem among Jehovah's Witnesses, with possible consequences for the whole world. I have to think that the primary motivation for complying was to avoid prison sentences and fines.

  • Band on the Run
  • blondie

    *** km 12/06 p. 6 A Volunteer Spirit Brings Blessings ***

    1 When Goliath taunted the battle lines of Israel, any of the soldiers could have fought him. But it was a shepherd boy, untrained in warfare, who volunteered. (1 Sam. 17:32) When the exiled Jews went back to Jerusalem but failed to rebuild the walls, it was a cupbearer to the king of Persia who volunteered to leave his privileged position in the palace and to travel to Jerusalem in order to organize the work. (Neh. 2:5) Jehovah blessed both of these men, David and Nehemiah, for the spirit they showed.—1 Sam. 17:45, 50; Neh. 6:15, 16.

    2 Today, the volunteer spirit is lacking in the world. In these “last days,” people lead very busy lives, and many are “lovers of themselves.” (2 Tim. 3:1, 2) It is easy for a person to become so absorbed in personal interests that he overlooks opportunities to volunteer his services when there is a need to help others. However, as Christians, we desire to imitate Jesus, who took the initiative to help others. (John 5:5-9; 13:12-15; 1 Pet. 2:21) How can we demonstrate a volunteer spirit, and what blessings will we receive?

    3 In Behalf of Our Brothers: We can impart a “spiritual gift” to others by volunteering to comment when meeting parts call for audience participation. (Rom. 1:11) Commenting honors Jehovah, impresses the truth more firmly on our mind and heart, and adds to our enjoyment of the meetings. (Ps. 26:12) We can also volunteer to give a talk in the Theocratic Ministry School when a substitute is needed. This will help us to improve our teaching ability.

    4 Brothers can demonstrate the volunteer spirit by reaching out to care for responsibilities in the congregation. (Isa. 32:2; 1 Tim. 3:1) All can help to keep assemblies and conventions running smoothly by volunteering to work in the various departments. When we volunteer to work with the traveling overseer in the ministry or to provide a meal for him, this results in “an interchange of encouragement.” (Rom. 1:12) When we offer to provide practical assistance to fatherless boys, widows, the sick and infirm, mothers with young children, and others in the congregation, we experience joy and Jehovah’s favor.—Prov. 19:17; Acts 20:35.

    5 Another way for us to volunteer our time and effort is to assist in cleaning and maintaining the Kingdom Hall. In addition, because many people are coming into the truth, there is a growing need for new Kingdom Halls and volunteers to build them. One couple made themselves available to assist the local Regional Building Committee even though the couple were unskilled in the building trades. Over time, the couple were given training and now assist in laying bricks. The wife remarked: “Working side by side with others has resulted in very close friendships. At the end of the day, we are physically tired but spiritually refreshed.”

    6 By Preaching: The most important volunteer work that we can perform today is the Kingdom-preaching work. As people are helped to understand and apply the Bible’s counsel, they gain a purpose in life and the strength to overcome harmful habits. They learn the Bible’s uplifting hope for the future. By providing Bible education, we perform a joyful volunteer service with long-lasting benefits. (John 17:3; 1 Tim. 4:16) Perhaps our circumstances might allow us to have a greater share in this work by auxiliary or regular pioneering, by moving to where the need is greater, or by learning another language.

    7 King David prophesied that at the time the Messiah would begin his rulership, God’s people would “offer themselves willingly.” (Ps. 110:3, ftn.) With Jehovah speeding up the final spiritual harvest, there is much work for which to volunteer. (Isa. 60:22) Have you said: “Here I am! Send me”? (Isa. 6:8) Truly, by our demonstrating the volunteer spirit, we please Jehovah and reap rich rewards.

    *** w99 11/15 p. 9 Dedication of the Watchtower Educational Center—A Festival to Jehovah ***

    This video showed how the Watchtower Educational Center came about. Interviews disclosed incidents clearly indicating Jehovah’s direction in matters and his blessing on efforts to bring this 15-year project to a successful conclusion. Thousands shared in the actual construction work. At one point in 1994, there were 526 workers on site, including 350 full-time volunteers, 113 temporary workers, and 63 who commuted each day to lend a hand. Many more supported the work with donations. All of them realize that this would never have been possible without Jehovah’s spirit.—Zechariah 4:6.

    *** w00 7/1 p. 20 Good Examples—Are You Benefiting From Them? ***

    Consider, too, the traveling overseers and their wives, the men and women who serve as volunteers at the offices of the Watch Tower Society, and the pioneers who minister to the congregations. Can such examples motivate others?

    *** w79 5/1 p. 27 Building to Jehovah’s Glory ***

    Today, some 1,830 volunteer workers at Brooklyn and 650 others at Watchtower Farms handle the factory work, as well as the work in supplying food, furnishings and many services for all who serve so zealously at these two headquarters installations.

    *** km 6/79 p. 3 Young Men, Can You Accept This Special Privilege of Service? ***

    Presently at Watchtower Farms and Brooklyn Bethel there are 2,400 serving as a result of willingly volunteering themselves for this facet of Kingdom service. Like Isaiah they have said: “Here I am! Send me.” (Isa. 6:8)

    ***Doing God’s Will/ je p. 9 Jehovah Gathers and Equips His People for Work ***

    In 1909 the headquarters of the Watch Tower Society was moved to Brooklyn, New York, to further the expansion of the preaching work on an international scale. It became necessary to form an associate corporation under New York State law, which is now known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. In 1914 the International Bible Students Association was formed in London, England, to advance the activities of the Bible Students throughout the British Commonwealth. At present some 70 legally formed corporations and associations in many countries around the world are serving the purposes of the Watch Tower Society. All are philanthropic, being supported by voluntary contributions and volunteer workers.

    *** jt p. 11 Their Modern Development and Growth ***

    But from 1927 on, much more literature was turned out in the eight-story factory building in Brooklyn, New York, owned by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. This has now expanded into other factory buildings and an office complex. There are additional buildings nearby in Brooklyn to house the ministers who volunteer to operate the publishing facilities. In addition to this, a combination farm and printery is operated near Wallkill, in upstate New York. It handles printing of the Watchtower and Awake! magazines and produces some of the food for the ministers serving in the various locations. Each volunteer worker receives a small monthly reimbursement to cover incidental expenses.

    *** w01 4/1 p. 3 The Kingdom Good News—What Is It? ***

    Those doing this worldwide preaching and teaching work are all volunteers.

    *** w94 8/15 p. 13 par. 13 This Good News Must Be Preached First ***

    The good news is being preached by volunteers. Jesus said: “You received free, give free.” (Matthew 10:8) Therefore, none of Jehovah’s Witnesses receive a salary for serving God, nor do they look for one.

    *** w92 6/15 p. 25 par. 11 Fishing for Men in Global Waters ***

    What other religious group has over four million unpaid volunteers who every month preach the good news of God’s Kingdom rule? Surely this evidences Jehovah’s spirit at work!

  • sabastious

    If this case truly has compelled Brooklyn to tell all the JW's of Victoria to comply then we need to get a case up in the US and other countries asap.


  • Gayle

    SIAM,, I sent the copy of the newspaper article in England regarding the infamous expression of the WT about "mentally diseased" former or ex-JWs to Graeme Hammond in Victoria, Australia. I understood that it would be about the "mentally diseased" subject that he would be writing about in this next week. However, now, with this new turn maybe he will writing about the "background check" issue instead.

    So, will the 5 hearings be dropped now? Can we get a scan of this letter sent to congregations in Victoria? Will penalty fees be dropped? Who specifically will have to get the background checks done? Elders, ministerial servants and who else? I wonder if some will refuse? Who will be the "watch dog" of this maneuvering.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    From the public edition Watchtower 1st October 2011, still available on their official website.

    About a year after I started
    studying the Bible, my parents
    and I visited my older brother
    who was a volunteer at the
    branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses

    in Germany. When I saw
    how happy my brother was, I
    felt deeply moved. That happiness
    was exactly what I had been
    looking for! I was also impressed
    by the other Witnesses who volunteered
    . Theywere far different
    from the dishonest, thrillseeking
    people with whom I had
    been associating. Shortly thereafter,
    I offered a heartfelt prayer
    to Jehovah, promising to serve
    him for the rest ofmy life. At the
    age of 19, I symbolized my dedication
    to Jehovah by getting baptized.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I think we should get more information on this idea that JWs are not volunteers before getting too excited about it.

    What's the source?

  • DT

    If this is true, it's a great victory for Mr. Unthank, apostates everywhere, and especially children.

  • Gayle

    hhg,,thx you for this info,,so much is happening regarding the WTS,,it's like watching a chicken without a head anymore,,

    These comments are from another site ,,what site?,,can you say?

    This issue about a volunteer or not,,I know the Church of Scientology in Australia is fighting about their full time people being 'volunteers' or 'workers.' The CoS says their full time people are volunteers but the Australian law is bringing this into question there. It's a different angle or issue than the JW issue though.

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