Local Needs: Low Hours

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  • Quendi

    It has been more than a year since I attended any meetings, so I can't speak to the situation in my area, but even before I cut all ties with the organization, I could sense that many of the Witnesses were suffering bad cases of burnout. I believe that what breakfast of champions stated in his original post is the case around here: IT'S 2011 AND WHERE THE HELL'S THIS PARADISE WE'VE BEEN PREACHING? And instead of receiving commendation for hanging in there, all the rank and file hear is how they should be doing more, more, more. Diest makes a good point about how growth is not happening in the developed world. Reports indicate that the religion has stagnated there and even seen contraction in some lands. Many of those getting baptized are born-ins, not converts found in the door-to-door work. People are realizing the futility of going out and finding nobody at home to talk to. The downward trend in publishers' hours is only going to continue, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how the WTS leadership will address this. Doubtless they will lay even heavier burdens on the membership.


  • sir82

    On the other hand, the WTS seems to have struck a "gold mine" with their "30 hour auxiliar pioneer" special offer.

    About 1/2 the US publishers signed up for it, and there were very high percentages in other countries as well. It led to numerous all-time peaks (publishers, hours, auxiliary pioneers) in April 2011.

    It has been announced that they will do it again in March 2012.

    It will be interesting to see how the publishers respond this time around.

    My prediction? Another set of good numbers, though not as glossy as this year's. Maybe the participation rate is 45% instead of 50%.

    The WTS will continue to offer the once-a-year 30 hour AP, and the nmbers will continue to slide down as the years progress...40%, 35%, 30%...accompanied by scolding articles about how we need to do more, and how a quadruble amputee with lupus and lung cancer and dandruff managed to get her time in, so why can't you?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    SIR82 - In the intro to the local needs, the elder did mention the congregations "zeal" for the special 30 hr month of Aux pioneering-- I think it was right at 50%. Then he broke the bad news about the 4hr publisher.

    What makes that interesting is there is possibly even an "overlap" between those who Aux pioneered and the 4 hr club. I guess for some, the 30 hr special seems like an opportunity for some more socializing and feeling of 'accomplishment'(I don't know what of). After that, it's life as usual.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Wow, those numbers are telling. Has it always been that way, or is that a new trend? Here in 'Bethel Territory' there was NEVER 1/3 of the cong. getting 4 hrs, less than 5% I would say.

    In answer to your question Breakfast, they post these figures on an information board at the back of the hall. I never noticed it until about a year or so ago. The figures have been similar to this each time I have looked at it. It seems unusual that they post these figures... I don't remember it anywhere else I have been.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I could sense that many of the Witnesses were suffering bad cases of burnout. IT'S 2011 AND WHERE THE HELL'S THIS PARADISE WE'VE BEEN PREACHING?

    One would think so. And I'm sure it is the case for some-----maybe many. Last week went to TMS/SM and spoke to Bro Lotta Problems. He's got a good job, but lousy marriage, and problem kids. A good guy who married wrong as he needed $%@#ed (sex).

    Yeah, he's burned out. Burned out on dealing with problems of life. He focuses on stock market drop; housing crash; corrupt politicians; lifes sucks; and The End must be near. He wants it to come even if he doesn't make it. He had serious heart attack a couple years ago and regrets surviving. (I think his wife regrets that he survived too.)

    He's not a born-in. I think someone who converts may have trouble admitting they screwed up again. A born-in can blame their parents. "HEY! I didn't asked to be BORN INTO THIS!"


  • EmptyInside

    Well,I heard about the special Assembly day for the circuit. And they kept saying that many are tiring out,but then said not to give up,the end is near. They also brought out the generation change,and many had trouble understanding it.

    The local Kingdom Halls around here are near empty,maybe some Sundays they will have a good showing. But,I can see many slowing down.

  • clearpoison

    My poor wife applied once for auxiliary pioneering. They told they could not accept the application as she did not perform 10hours average on six last months. If they are equally a**l about it in other congregations it would mean that at least half of the crowd must have constant 10+ hour average. It still acccomodates for possibility that 1/3 are low performers and in need for special needs talk.


  • Quarterback

    On the Regular Pioneer Application, it states in the Elders Section to fill out. "If the publisher's hours have fallen below 10 hrs within the last 6 months, please explain why".

    I can see them holding your wife back for a Regular Pioneer Application, but, not for Auxilliary Pioneering. They are being A..holes.

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