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  • DesirousOfChange

    It was always my understanding that pubs in most congs were split into thirds.

    1/3 10 hours +

    1/3 5 - 10 hours

    1/3 < 5 hours & irregular


  • discreetslave

    Milton Henschel is quoted as saying that donations increase when a congregation is active in the ministry, so if the hours go up so do the donations.

  • LostGeneration

    Yep, discreetslave nailed it. If they aren't out dishing the mags, then they need less mags. If they don't pick up as many mags, they probably don't donate as much (whether it be the publisher or the customer) I would image very little money comes in from the doors, the publishers cover it out of their own pocket because it sounds so silly to ask for a "donation to support the worldwide work"

    Of course low hours also means more time to enjoy life, and, God forbid-start thinking for yourself!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    DESIROUSOFCHANGE - Your breakdown of thirds definitely does not represent our congregation's numbers --- at least as of 4-5 years ago. I would say out of a congregation of 110 pubs, only 5 would have a 4 hour average (and mostly elderly/infirm), most were in the 7-8 hr range, quite a few in the 10's and teens, and then your Aux piosneers and reg piosneers.

    To say that 1/3 or approx 36+ publishers are averaging 4 hrs is remarkable for our area.

  • irondork

    This is interesting and confusing data. How does this play in to the constantly rising membership and Kingdom Hall construction?

  • Quarterback

    The averages for Canada and the USA is approx 7.5 hrs per month. The push is on for getting Bible Studies. We haven't had a National Status Report printed in a KM in years. The ORG is fighting hard to get this back. They used to state that the servants needed to do the National Average a few years ago. That was 10 hrs per month. Now that the national average is dropped, the ORG are sticking to that 10 hr requirement, and insisting that the wife, and baptised children maintain that as well.

  • DesirousOfChange

    How does this play in to the constantly rising membership and Kingdom Hall construction?

    I don't see too many new halls being constructed around here. I know of no congs splitting to form two, but I do know of seeral congs be closed, even KHs being sold, and other congs being merged. And meeting attendance is a big concern everywhere.


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    QUARTERBACK - last CO visit certainly did emphasize getting bible studies. Problem is, if you have any conscience, how do you teach something you do not believe yourself? How do you teach your student that the word generation means 150+ years with a straight face?

  • Diest

    I think people confuse worldwide growth with regional contraction. Overall they are growing, just not much growth in the Western World. You cant point to anecdotal evidence that they are not growing.

    It is the same thing with global warming, overall the eath is warmer but you cant point to regional cold spells to disprove it.

  • Quarterback

    Most of the growth is from family members. They only allow 1 hr per week of service to have a bible study with the family. So if you have a family, and you are averaging 7.5 hrs. how many hrs are you spending in field service per month?

    BOC: I know, it's a hard message to preach. My wife and I have some good RV's and people that like to see us return over and over again. These ones will never change. They just enjoy the company. Plus we don't hound them or judge them. The people in our group have the same type of RV's. In the last 5 years I have seen only 5 new ones come, and then leave in our KH. There are too many Not at home.

    Someone from Africa told me that he thought living in a free country is very hard. That is because he came from a country that was under ban. He didn't like the challenge of marching up to the doors and facing the householder with our message. He thought that having a ban, was so much easier....going to a park....wearing normal informal clothing....speaking to a stranger about the weather...trying to test to see if you should mention religion.... no pressure there. There are actually Special Pioneers that do that all the time in certain banned countries. Be suspicious of those hrs that are mentioned in the Yearbook.

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