Local Needs: Low Hours

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    The local needs was about low FS time in the cong. About 1/3 of publishers are averaging 4 hours per month. That is UNPRECEDENTED in our cong, a usually 'zealous' congregation.

    My take is this: If you don't believe it yourself, why are you going to waste valuable time telling others? I think others in the cong are catching on that something is up, either the generation change thing or just the fact that IT IS THE YEAR 2011- WHERE IS GODS KINGDOM? I am sure there are more than a few who enjoy the association, but don't believe the message.

    My wife came away feeling guilty (the desired result of course) and not wanting to push too far I asked why did she think the number was so low. She offered the usual 'this systems pressure,' but I countered that there have been pressures for decades and hours always averaged around 10. I said I think there is a much bigger problem than that. She asked what? I just said Think about it.....

    Anyone else out there seen precipitous drop in FS in your congregation?

  • iamwhoiam

    yes..not just field service hours, but attendance is inconsistant and fewer brothers are volunteering and/or reaching out.

  • stillstuckcruz

    I absolutely believe this. After finally deciding to do reasearch on JW's, I came to find out just how many are still counted among the 7 million JW's. But just how many of these counted 7 million are totally into it is a total mystery. So many are faking their way through until they can make a break for it. Or can't leave on account of their families. The "this system's pressure" excuse gets old. It really make me wonder who is sitting next to me at the Kh and not actually wanting to be there...

  • sir82

    I'd say about 1/3 of our congregation is in the 4 hours or less per month area also. No local needs on it yet.

    We keep having our "Local Needs" on meeting attendance. Apparently it hasn't sunk thru various thick skulls that the ones who "need" to hear a talk on meeting attendance...aren't attending the meeting!

    Of course, even those who report 10 or even 20 hours per month spend far less than 4 hours actually talking to people. By the time you throw in the time spent walking between doors, knocking at not-at-homes, driving to territory & return visits, and the inevitable coffee break, each JW probably spends less than 5 minutes of every hour reported actually "giving a witness".

  • stillstuckcruz

    @sir82: very true. Then you have those who do the "pioneer shuffle" in service, barely walking and counting all of that as witnessing time. Those time reports must be so off.

    I think my father(elder who handles all the time for the congregation) must make up hours for me. I have turned in time all of about 3 times this year. I dont understand how I'm not considered inactive yet. I usually only make 1-3 hours a month.

  • Shador
    Then you have those who do the "pioneer shuffle" in service, barely walking and counting all of that as witnessing time. Those time reports must be so off.

    Heh. I've started using a technique a (on the edge) brother told me, semi-jokingly, many years ago - "Tie's on, clock's running." Combine that with a rural territory, far-out calls, groups who believe in extended "breaks", and people who leave the group in the car for an hour-long "return visit", and pioneering is easy. I'm going to get 100 hours this month and I haven't really done jack shit.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Seriously, we also have seen a decrease in time spent in F/S and an increase time spent at donut shops and the like. The GBs' flip-flopping is taking its' toll.

    And you are right, 'breakfast of champions', many no longer believe the message and stay in it for the association.

  • Bella15

    The yoke, the "works" are tiring ... that's why it is way better to "bear the fruit" - to let Jesus through the Holy Spirit produce the fruits in us --- SO MUCH BETTER ...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The entire religion is about appeasement and if you're doing enough to appease your personal version of God why would you ever do more?

    There are no teeth in the unwritten "must do 10 hours service" rule. What's the punishment if you don't? A local needs talk on Thursday and you aren't "privileged" with a bunch of monkey-see, monkey-do busy work counting, carrying microphones, and turning knobs during the meetings. "Damn, that sucks; I better get my service time up. NOT."

    It's the same "punishment" for skipping meetings. You are given less work to do. Ooh, scary.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    It is indeed interesting that PRODUCTIVITY in field circus is never stressed, just the hours.

    I almost think that low hours scare them because it indicates people are out living their lives like "normal people" and are actually enjoying themselves outside of the congregation-- I know I am!

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