How many of you haven't fared too well since your exit?

by i_drank_the_wine 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • red21

    For me, my life is far less stressful. I sleep in on Saturday mornings. I don't feel I have to rush to FS in the morn. We often had elders of BS that did not show up and more than once I would be the only one to show up and he would tell me that he had other things to take care of and take off. So, why go out after that? No more talks to prepare and I was doing Sunday talks at one point. No more making excuses for anything or when my wife didn't want to do a family part because she hated them. I have a good relationship with my kids and grandkids even though one daughter is DF'd, I DON'T CARE...she is my daughter. I don't like everything she does, but that shouldn't change me loving her. My brother won't have anything to do with me, but that was no loss anyway given that I never liked him for many this just solidified it for me. I have been to a few furnals and stuff, and the repetition of their talks just rushed back in....blah blah blah....same blah blah blah all over again and again. So, I do more for myself and enjoy doing things without any constant guilt if I am doing something wrong or that might stumble or be viewed wrong. But that is just me.

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