What Was The BEST Thing About Being A Jehovah's Witness?

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    There were many good thiings about being a Jehovah's Witness. Too many to list although some have already been mentioned. There were more good things about the witnesses than bad. But I remember the anticipation I used to feel for the upcpming assemblies and conventions, especially regarding new releases. I loved trying to guess what was being released=I loved getting the new books, and looking forward to the annual YB (which I still do).

    The paradise hope of course, being healed, seeing my dead loved ones- the sense of security.

    I had some good friends at one time long ago, (some have died), visits to Bethel were very special. Visiting some who I knew there, seeing what was new. The entire printing and binding operation was awesome! There was a feeling of security when visiting Bethel and knowing everyone working there was a brother or sister.

    Looking forward to each new magazine in the mail

    The food at the assemblies (for very low prices!)-this was back in 1976-78.

    I was young back then, my parents were alive and healthy, I was still healthy....it was a very good time in my life..too bad it couldn't last.

    Then of course I found out the real truth about the organization...and my whole world fell down and has been heading downhill ever since. Sometimes I wish I never discovered the truth about the witnesses and had I been in a warm congregation chances are I'd still be there. I did not discover this site until after I had stopped going to meetings . I did not leave over doctrinal issues.

    I still wish I could visit Bethel (no way to get there) and I still like the publications. They are very well made as anyone who was involved in printing knows. Of course I no longer believe in or agree with much (sometimes most) of what is written in them, but I read TIME and Reader's Digest too and don't believe or accept everything published in them either.

    Anyway- there are times I miss being a witness-well the way it was back in the 70's and up to mid 80's anyway. My life was better then.

  • Honesty

    Taking a break from the never-ending hamster wheel.

  • Shador
    Anyway- there are times I miss being a witness-well the way it was back in the 70's and up to mid 80's anyway. My life was better then.

    Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this. - Eccl. 7:10.

    I don't quote the Bible often, but that seemed appropriate.

    Correlation =/= causation. Just because your life was better then, doesn't mean it was being a Witness that caused that betterment, nor necessarially that leaving caused your life to be worse. Hang in there. Your mind is free now. Don't put yourself back in the cage.

  • factfinder

    @Shador- thank you. Of course I have no way of knowing what my life would have been like had I not become a witness. I wish I knew. And certainly there are things about being a witness that I'm free of now, and I did leave because of being unhappy and unsatisfied being a witness anymore-and for other reasons. But at least I'd have a future to look forward to (as I believed in it back then-the paradise earth)., now I see no future for myself.

    But I wrote what I did to answer minimus post. Like I wrote-there were alot of things I liked about being a witness back then ( before 1985).

    Thank you for your encouragement!

  • ssn587

    In a word, "LEAVING', that, and that alone is the best part.

  • discreetslave

    The sense of unity & friendship everywhere you go. We always looked up the local witnesses and we were always welcome and treated well. That is a major reason why my husband remains a JW. We've been to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Austria, the Czech Republic and many states here in the US. He says that proves they are the true religion;I've thrown that away & will never find it again. Now I have instant enemies everywhere I go.

  • transhuman68

    LOL Friends, I guess. I followed my sister to a bayside suburban congregation: She was "serving where the need is greater" but we all called it " surfing where the greeed is greater". Honestly, nobody wanted to go witnessing there, which was why pioneers were sent there. Everybody was down on the beach, or skin-diving or cruising the streets looking for girls. Had a lot of good times there.

  • ekruks

    I second everything said ;)

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    I thought I was part of some elite loving brothhood/sisterhood....I really thought 7 million people were my "family"....when they had the audacity to say I didnt need my "real" family, or friends for that matter.

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