What Do You Like For A Drink?

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  • minimus

    I'm usually a cognac drinker. I love armagnac too. And I enjoy a martini I invented---Mandarin vodka with a slight bit, usually about a capful of Chambord served in an ice cold martini glass.

    This Saturday I'm mixing with my gf's friends and family in Conn. with some affluent people and I might want to try something different. Any suggestions? Oh, by the way, I started drinking Hendrick's gin with soda. Very good!!

  • minimus

    Jack & Diet Coke is good too.

    i'm in a drinkin' mood!

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I have found I enjoy a Gin and Tonic.

    For awhile, everything was vodka. It's refreshing to go back to the classic version of this cocktail.

    When the weather is cooler, I enjoy Tuaca. It can be a little sweet for some, if so, add a splash of brandy.

    Happy mixing Minimus

  • minimus

    I'm checking into this cow pee drink that Outlaw is concerned about.

    i'm in a drinkin' mood!....Minimus

    Here`s a nice Cow Pee CockTail for you!..


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • minimus


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Grey Goose martini with blue cheese stuffed olives-- yum!

    For something really different that will impress people, see if you can find Magellan Gin. It's made in France and is a beautiful blue color (yes, the gin itself is blue, not just the bottle.) I believe it is iris root that makes it that color. Very smooth for a gin- makes a great martini, no olives though.

  • minimus

    I usually don't like gin but the cucumber taste in Hendrick's is great!

    Now, that's a good bartender!

  • sabastious

    I like Long Island Iced Teas when I'm not watching my alcohol intake and good red wine when I am.


  • cantleave

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