"i've got a funny feeling about this place! think it might be demon posscessed!"

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  • laverite

    It's all a load of bollucks, but what goes so far over the top for me is the plastic 99p mirror bought from the 99p shop. I have similar experiences you recount here with family and friends, etc. Heck, before I came to my senses, I used to be this way, and got rid of things in my zealous JW crazed days that I regret now. But I got a kick out of your story. As crazy as it all is, you can see the potential links (in their minds) of the leather belt bought from the shop in which there were other things sold that were considered dodgy, etc. But a generic plastic mirror bought at a 99p shop. WTH??!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I always found it interesting that objects of a foreign or unique nature-- souvenirs from another country, antique or garage sale items, gifts from anonymous persons-- had the highest probability of carrying demon infestation. No one ever buys a roll of paper towels or a carton of orange juice from the corner store and suspects demon possession...

  • ziddina

    ^^^^^^ Ha ha ha ha ha!! @ Breakfast of Champions' comment!! ^^^^^^^

    And a darned good point, too...

    I'm sure glad that I left in the early 80's... I threw out one Sherlock Holmes anthology because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle practised "spiritism", but then came to my senses and NEVER threw anything out again...

    Besides, I left before the witch burnings - er, hysteria - reached fever pitch...


  • Babyruth

    We must be related...my in-laws are exactly like that!!

  • Dogpatch

    so Zid,

    Are you a good witch,

    or a bad witch?

    Dorothy talking to "Glenda the Good:"

    - Wizard of Oz

  • erbie

    If it's any consolation high dose, I used to wrestle with my inner demons but we're now on the same side.

    Sorry guys, I couldn't resist it. Just trying to lighten the tone.

    Forgive me.

  • highdose

    the 99p mirror i seem to recall glowed in the dark... of course this could be because it was a mirror and therefore reflecting any light that was around... but you can never be too carefull with those demons ya know(!) ;)

  • ziddina

    @ Dogpatch...

    I dunno, sugar...

    Just how bad of a witch would you like me to be???

  • hamsterbait

    I remember the one about a brother, who realised that a ring his wife had was demonised.

    The article in the Mag actually said that as he hurled the ring into the river he heard a scream coming from it!!! And this was NY not Africa.

    Mid to late 70s magazine if I recall....


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