Shunning,, let's twist the knife in a little deeper now !

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Sounds like a gaggle of JWs practicing a time-honored cop-out: skipping out on field service and still counting the tme.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hi MIB,

    I always read your threads, I find your outlook on life down to earth and interesting.

    I'm sorry that you were shunned - real Christian love in action, eh?

    I love hearing about you taking your dog to therapy in hospital. I think that's a wonderful thing to be doing, and I'm sure you both receive as much love as you give to the patients.

    Best of luck to your wife for her operation. I'm sure it will all go well and the three of you will be home enjoying each others company again.

  • JRK

    After geting over the the initial shock of being shunned, I kind of enjoy it, because they are more uncomfortable than you are.


  • Peaches1978

    y would anyone want that type of friendship? my family thinks that my shunning me all these years is hurting me, boy are they wrong, they just fade in the back ground like if i never met them, i keep it moving and enjoying my life at the moment.

    sorry to hear about your experience i hope your wife is ok.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Hi MIB, Id like to wish your wife a speedy recovery. Youre now on cleaning and washing duties for a week, on Nurse Paulas orders

    What you saw in the sandwich place is typical of the conditional love expressed by these supposed "Christians" doesnt surprise you, but it still surprises you, if you get me. Im glad you didnt leave, but instead found a booth and enjoyed your sandwich. Even the "you are dirt" look by the loving JW lady didnt goad you...well done, you took the high road.

    Good to hear from you. Be well.x

    Paula x

  • oppostate

    Hi MiB,

    The part of your experience that I find most fascinating is your willingness to help others by visiting the hospital with your dog.

    That fact reaches out to do good and to help others. It is a kindness and a blessing for people in pain, who don't feel well and gives them a jolt of good feeling.

    What a change from being at Panera's surrounded by so many hypocritical faces. Fell bad for them. They are emotionally enslaved to a high control group.

    Keep doing good for others and I hope your wife can feel better soon. She's got a caring man with a kind soul for a husband.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    It is definitely their loss MIB ! You and your wife are good ,kind people ,and do not deserve to be treated in such a cold manner . I can only shake my head at the ridiculous behavior witnesses call love .

    The work you do with May is so wonderful . You must have such inner satisfaction knowing what you do now brings such immediate benefit to the people you bring her to see (sure beats a morning of knocking on doors !)

    Your experience made me get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach . I know exactly how it feels when former lifelong 'friends' now walk by and see right though me or give me the, 'rotten egg smell ' ,look .

    Everyday I see someone from our old hall .....every freakin day . My school bus route takes me by my brother in laws house (the ubber Elder) . He has his own floor installation business ,and has all witnesses working for him . So every morning when I drive by.... he , my two nephews , my daughter in laws brother , and at least three other young men that use to be very close to our children ...all stand in his drive way preparing for their work day . Everyday they see me and quickly turn away or look down ....some days it hurts worse than others

    But lately I have made it a point to stare right at them SMILE BIG and wave You see they are the jerks not me . I am a friendly person ,and I won't let them cause me to become like them (soul-less) . One day shopping I ran into an Elderette ,we kept going down the same aisles ,finially I laughed and said ' Glad you got to see me today ' ,she even had to smirk at that . Humor is my coping mechanizism otherwise I would totally be a troubledmind

    So I guess what I am trying to say is your too nice of a guy to let them hurt you ,you have done nothing wrong . Hold your head up smile and pretend they are strangers that just sucked on a lemon . Smile and feel pity for their unfullfilled dreams .

    MIB , Hope your wife's surgery goes well and that she will be home and feeling better soon !

    p.s. Hug that little pooch of yours for me

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry for what you experienced. Lately, somebody could be treated almost the same way for just being "inactive" in the religion! I am familiar with running into JWs in stores and shopping malls. Now, I don't even bother to try to say hello or make any sign of recognition. I just go about my business with a pleasant expression on my face. Let these game-playing sisters (who are aging badly, by the way) wonder if perhaps I don't recognize them anymore because they have gotten so old!

    I hope that since you have disassociated yourself you have made some friends or contacts outside the religion and have other activities. There are very few JW friends I have left. One of them has definitely distanced herself from me over the past few years. Even though I still like her and she does like me at some level, my "inactivity" in the religion has caused her to "withdraw" and be somewhat more reserved towards me than she usually is. I do accept this and realize the old days are over.

    In my opinion, somebody who disassociates themselves is viewed worse than somebody who is disfellowshipped. Somebody who is DF'd can usually come back and most often they do. But, somebody who DA's does so because something is wrong with the religion!. The people there can't deal with this because it makes them face doubts that I suspect they all have.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Hope your wife is doing well.

    Cheers for your work with the therapy dog. In contrast, you probably did more good that morning than all the JWs combined.

    I would have bought the nastiest ones of the bunch a cup of coffee.

  • shamus100

    Are you not glad that you no longer assosiate with such scum? Who wants to be on speaking terms with such scum anyways.

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