What was your favorite convention beverage?

by i_drank_the_wine 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • JustThatGirl007

    Shirley, I was an East Coaster - they definitely had burritos! Maybe it depended on your area??

  • koolaid-man

    Remember Shasta...... The official drink of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Sam Whiskey
  • tenyearsafter

    Burritos were my fav...with a Shasta.

  • shamus100


    At the end, I would just walk out and go to the corner store to get one to boot.

  • ShirleyW

    Well, I haven't been to a DC since somewhere around 1979 - 1981, so maybe that has something to do with my not remembering Burritos !!

  • WTWizard

    I remember something that was very difficult to pronounce because it was so far off the mainstream. I think it was something like Vazz Billion Bubble lemon-lime soda in cans. I never saw it again at stores since then--and I don't remember the Shastas (which are mainstream enough so I would have remembered).

    I usually had the roast beef sandwiches (probably with monosodium glutamate added to the beef) with those packets of high-fructose corn syrup barbeque sauce. The Muffin Eggs were reasonably decent by Washtowel standards, and I had my share of textured vegetable protein/monosodium glutamate burritoes. I never had the fruit bags because half the time the fruit was way out of date. And yes, I remember the soft serve ice cream (which was not worth the trip to the a$$embly, listening to the Kingdumb maladies, and wasting the whole day sitting in the room).

  • clearpoison

    Milk was my favorite with meals served back then. As younger Sprite and Coca-Cola too, they were available with your coupons. Then slightly older I enjoyed the beer that was available in conventions.


  • rrb2016

    Pioneer Sandwiches and Shasta Cola - LOL

  • rebel8

    What's a pioneer sandwich? We used to have "hoagies". They were the only people in NYS calling submarine sandwiches "hoagies". The word itself was so foreign it was nearly the same as all the other in-group lingo cults have.

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