UK newspaper interest in "mentally diseased", any Witnesses want to come forward?

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  • Souder
  • cedars

    Souder, I can't see any of your posts. Could you try re-typing them using a different browser?

  • dozy

    The journalist needs to realise that shunning is institutionally enforced - any elder , for example , who has a disfellowshipped older child living at home would be expected to kick them out (in the same manner as the Watchtower article this week) otherwise he would be removed.

    He also needs to know that if a JW simply stops attending meetings will likely lead to the individual being shunned. As I've stated in my experience , my pioneer sister wrote to say that she wouldn't have anything more to do with me (and my active JW wife & children as well) even though I'm not DFd or DAd.

  • cedars

    dozy - yours is a shocking experience, showing that the concept of "shunning" makes such an impression on the rank and file that they project it onto their treatment of inactive ones.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    BTTT - cedars any further word on this?

  • cantleave

    I've not heard anything, but the Journalist did say he was going to be on hols for a week.

  • mrquik

    My Story: Raised as a witness since 1958. Went door to door at age 7. Grew up with the end "always near". That belief influenced every major decision in my life. Married during the scare of 1975. Assumed, as did all other Witnesses, that the end was imminent. Didn't go to college. Didn't save for a retirement. I became an elder. I was busy on the building projects. I gave talks at the conventions. After 34 years in a bad marriage, I left & found the love of my life. Told the " judicial committee" of my intentions & was promptly disfellowshipped. Had every intention of returning, but during the 4 yrs. the committee dragged its feet, I became disillusioned with the Witnesses. I went to sites like this one. I read Ray Franz's " Crisis of Conscience." I finally realized it was all a lie. If I could sue them to recover all the wasted years of my life I would.

  • cedars

    Thanks for sharing Mr Quik. I love your name, there's a wonderful irony about it!

    Seriously though, it's a touching story and I'm sorry for all the hurt you've experienced.

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