UK newspaper interest in "mentally diseased", any Witnesses want to come forward?

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    Cofty, I pre-warned him of that response.

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    Journalist: "Do you take disciplinary action against your members who refuse to shun their ex-JW family?"

    Bethel spindoctor: "To be clear, all Jehovah's Witnesses have made a personal dedication to God and use their Bible trained consciences to decide for themselves who is and who is not good association. If they chose to ignore their conscience and refuse loving help from the local elders then we will make a brief announcement that they are no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses as that is what their actions indicate. So in reality Jehovah's Witnesses make a personal voluntary choice to join and in rare cases to leave."

    If I was the journalist I would ask : "Is 'mentally diseased' a clinical diagnosis or a blanket insult?" and "If you really believe in the principle of freedom of religion why so much hatred expressed against former members?"

  • cofty

    Well done Cantleave - I hope the journalist is a bulldog!

    Besty, first time I have come across the word Knol in this context. Excellent article, you do attract some pond life in the comments though.

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    Besty, I also explained that that the choice to get baptised is often a choice made without the all the caveats being understood. Those brought up in the org are often baptised before they reach the age of understanding and are subjected to both peer and parental pressure to do so.

    Converts are baptised before realising that vocal disagreement with the leadership is apostasy and will result in the sanction of being DF'd.

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    Cofty - I have told the journalist that we will keep him and the name of the paper under wraps for now. I think this is best so as not to jeopardize his investigation in any way. I have asked that I be informed as and when any article is to be printed, so you can be sure you will hear about it first on here. Why don't you add your story? I would be interested to know.

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    My story, brief edition, more info available if of use to Honourable Journo:

    Born into the religion in the U.K in 1950. Even when young could not swallow all the strange interpretations of prophecy and scripture. Always aware of not agreeing with a lot of what was published, but as it was all I had known, and on a daily basis at home, and three times a week at Meetings at the Kingdom Hall, it was drummed in to me that the religion was "the Truth" and that it was the only religion that used god's name, which they said was jehovah.

    I stuck with the religion,and was an active preacher and supporter, until one day I woke up and realised that the foundation doctrine, their "raison d'etre" , that Jesus began to reign in Heaven in the year 1914 simply had no basis in scripture, it is not in the Bible.

    It therefore followed that the claim made that Jesus chose them in 1919 as his representatives on earth was untrue, and any authority claimed by the leaders of the religion, especially its Governing Body, was fraudulant.

    I walked away at the ripe old age of 58, and I have never been happier. My world view has totally changed for the better, and I am a better person too.

    I have managed, thus far, not to be "disciplined" by the religion for leaving, so my family,( all Jw's, )and old "friends" from the religion still talk to me, but there is now a coldness and reserve, some avoid me if at all possible, they have had fear instilled in them by the religion that I will destroy their faith if they talk religion with me, how weak their "truth" is !

    I now recognise the religion for what it is, a mind-controlling, restrictive, dangerous cult.

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