As a JW - Did you See Meetings Continue in Spite of Medical Emergencies?

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  • flipper

    QUARTERBACK- That's really commendable on your part that you assisted those who had pysical ailments at assemblies. And also commendable that the C.O. who walked off the stage didn't try assuming a " position " in the congregation again. It probably saved his life and saved him from more uneeded stress.

    SHEPHERD- You can understand how the show must go on at a convention ? " In fact it's reasonable to expect it " ? Yet you approve of tending to medical emergencies at a kingdom hall because the people there are " very possibly a well known member of the congregation " ? I don't get your logic here . Who are the people attending the conventions ? Sliced tomatoes ? I thought the JW's are supposed to have an alleged " worldwide brotherhood " of love ? So you only help people if you know them ? I find that extremely calloused. Just being straight up here

  • MrFreeze

    This actually reminded me of a sister who had a heart attack during one of my meetings. They took her into the lobby and the show went on.

  • SirNose586

    There was one time when I was manning the sound booth, and this girl's father was having a stroke, I think. He was able to get outside and get some air. I called 911 for him, but since he was already outside it wasn't that big of a deal. It felt good to have reacted pretty well, but I remember being very concerned for him.

    One time a brother had a panic attack on stage, but he'd prepared for it. He just excused himself and another brother took over. The guy with the attack just walked away briskly with a contorted look on his face.

    I think in these situations it's good to remind everyone not to panic, stay out of the way, etc. I think something should be said about keeping the person in our prayers, etc. Tend to the emergency, keep everyone calm. But don't say absolutely nothing.

  • cofty

    I remember an elder giving a talk when his wife got up to go out looking unwell. She only got a few paces down the aisle when she dropped to the floor - he did not miss a syallable of his talk.

    Fortunately it was just a faint but how was he to know?

    Wasanelder - good to hear your positive experience

  • Shador
    I remember an elder giving a talk when his wife got up to go out looking unwell. She only got a few paces down the aisle when she dropped to the floor - he did not miss a syallable of his talk.

    Wow. [sarcasm] What an excellent witness that must have been for any interested ones attending. "My wife has passed out, but this drivel is so all-fired important that I'll ignore her. HOW HAPPIFYING!" [/sarcasm]

  • Qcmbr

    To be fair this is a lot of human nature - we don't know how to respond - in my university days I worked at Burger King and someone had a heart attack and everyone went on eating their meal, stepping over him to visit the bathroom etc. while the ambulance crew tried to revive him. Gross but human nature.

  • Violia

    I saw a fight break out at the kh once. The person who started it was both physically and mentally unbalanced. Unbalanced person began verbally assaulting a person ( who barely knew them) half way across the KH, interrupting their conversation. The other person ignored Unbalanced person as long as they could -- but finally said something ( in response to the verbal assault )by Unbalanced person . Enraged , unbalanced person lunged at the other person. Unbalanced person was restrained and dragged out of the kH. Had it not been for a few people who protected the other person, Unbalanced person would have physically assaulted someone right at the Kh with most of the Cong. watching.

    The meeting went on like nothing had happened. At some point they did call an ambulance for Unbalanced person.

  • rebel8

    I used to spend much of the meetings slowly bleeding to death due to hemophilia, which of course was untreated except for their stupid herbs which made it worse. They said horrible things to me, as if it was my fault.

    Once dubbie dearest used the kh phone to call my doctor. She called his on call service and gave the kh number to call her back (in the days before cell phones). We got dirty looks because the phone rang during the meeting.

    I could go on...


  • cofty

    rebel8, what a nightmare!

  • AnneB

    The explanation I heard for why the meeting continues during emergencies of any sort (hurricanes, medical emergencies, whatever) is that when they open with prayer they come into Jehovah's presence, much like being granted an audience with a worldly ruler. Just as you wouldn't offend the worldly ruler by taking your attention away from him/her, you must also keep your attention focused on Jehovah, and allow his attendants (MS's, Elders, Emergency crews, etc.) to handle the distractions.

    It makes sense, it just seems heartless at times. Even a worldly ruler would probably be kind enough to allow for illness or sudden emergency situations. Don't they think Jehovah would do the same (or more)?


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