As a JW - Did you See Meetings Continue in Spite of Medical Emergencies?

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  • jws

    This happens in corporate offices too. Meetings and conference calls go on.

    If you stop a meeting, chances are everybody is going to focus on the sick person. I've always thought that giving them their privacy and space for those who can assist to do their work is best for them. As long as somebody is helping them or finding them better help.

    It's not that I'm not concerned when these things happen. I am definitely concerned and probably aren't going to hear much of anything being talked about in the meeting afterwards. But I don't want to be in the way. Yet another person crowding around asking what's going on when those that can render aid need to concentrate to perform at their best.

  • d

    I once saw somebody have a seizure in a meeting back in 2003-2004.

  • sleepingbeauty

    I sat through an entire book group study observing the facial features of my mother change. Her left side of her face had become frozen. It wasnt mirroring the movements of her right side and I knew it was possible she was having a stroke. BUT everyone including myself sat and did nothing because the book group was in full swing. It felt inappropriate to disrupt the meeting... I was no teenager but a married adult. At the end of the meeting we brought it to her attention and did nothing else. We allowed her to go home and all went about our business as usual. SHOCK HORROR.

    Eventually she went to the doctors the next day and it turned out after hospital texts that she had developed the condition called Bells Paulsy. It could well have been a stroke & it could have cost her, her life...

    Stupid ass me & the rest of the JW's !!!

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    One sister fell out of her seat and started yelling " I can't breathe! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!" A few people in medical field surrounded her while I called 911. The PO conducting the WT told the audience to move forward, because sister was near the back. She was a big woman so no one could move her, so the meeting remained silent until EMT arrived and carried her out. She was ok. She was included in the prayer. He handled the best he could.

    A sister died at JCAH. Assembly continued, she was mentioned in prayer.

    A brother was giving his first public talk, and started slurring his speech. An attendant from the back and ran onto the stage and caught the bro as he was passing out. They sat him in the chair on stage and when he regained conciousness, he wanted to keep giving the talk. They had numerous brothers sitting in first row in case it happened again. It did. So they left him in the chair and gave him the table used for sister's talks. He finished his talk. Then went to hospital. He had suffered from food poisoning.

    At bethel, a brother caught a stroke on camera while doing Bible reading. Leon Weaver ended the program immediately with prayer.

  • whathappened

    One time, my mother in law, who was disfellowshipped came to a district assembly that was being held at a sports arena. She of course sat way up high, away from everyone else. She had just gotten new bifocal glasses. During the session she got up to go to the restroom. She wasn't used to the new glasses, missed her step and fell down the concrete steps...blimp, blimp, blimp, blimp. It was horrible. My husband didn't realize at first that it was his own mother, because we were sitting much farther down in the same section. Needless to say, there was no disruption of the session. My husband helped her out to her car, bruised and battered, and returned to his seat. We thought at the time that we were such faithful Christians. He was an elder.

  • flipper

    Thought I'd bump this up as I noticed several people bumped and commented on it 8 days ago. been busy so it slipped by me ! Thanks !

    CALEBS AIRPLANE - Exactly. Very sick cult, in more ways than one !

    TIKI- That's disgusting the elders wouldn't let the EMT use his medical services on the young man. Another case of elders and WT powermongers thinking they know better- when they don't. The older lady who died after doing her assembly part ? I wonder if you know me ?? I had an older lady die on my shoulder on the stage giving an assembly part ! We carried her off the stage ! Wow. Unless this sort of thing has happened more times than we know. What year did the incident take place that you heard about ? I'm wondering if it was the incident I was involved with ?

    MAMOCHAN 13- Well, I agree that at a large gathering like a graduation or even an JW assembly with thousands of people if somebody has a medical incident in the audience it might not be appropriate to stop the whole proceedings- however - I feel it's a different situation if somebody has a medical emergency while on the stage or platform who is involved in the continuing of the program - I feel it's inhumane to ignore the medical crisis and continue on while nothing has happened. Just my take.

    JWS- I'm sure this may happen at corporate meetings if someone has a medical emergency, and I agree the person should be helped in a private setting especially for the comfort of the victim. I can understand a corporate meeting continuing once the person is helped out medically , but it's a different situation if the person has a coronary on the stage and nothing is mentioned about it at all by an elder conducting the part.

    D- Yeah, I 've seen JWs have seizures at meetings as well. I've felt sorry for them and have tried to assist to get them to a private area.

    SLEEPING BEAUTY- Well, don't berate yourself my friend, you didn't know any better when you were a JW in how to handle your mom's situation. Many of us were controlled by the WT society to be somewhat dismissive of medical emergencys. The main thing is you recognize it now and you are free of that strange JW belief system.

    MC RUBBERMALLET- It sounds like you saw some medical emegencies handled pretty efficiently so thats good. I wish it was true everywhere though. Except the guy who kept wanting to give his talk- they should have got him off the stage and gave him a rest.

    WHATHAPPENED- Wow. It's great that your husband helped his mom after she fell, but it's amazing no one got out of their seat to offer to help ! I think thats the point I'm making with this thread that normal humane reactions are discouraged by the WT society's mentality that " the show must go on ". Really strange

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