As a JW - Did you See Meetings Continue in Spite of Medical Emergencies?

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  • Violia

    I forgot to mention in my post this altercation occurred about 15 minutes prior to the meeting. Most of the Congo were there and did see it. It was like the elephant in the room- people did not know what to do.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Im sure Jesus wouldnt ignore people or step over them....heartless bastards the lot of them.

  • flipper

    Thanks for all your comments ! Really some good thoughts you bring out.

    MRFREEZE- How sad that a " sister " had a heart attack and the meeting just continued. It's just appalling.

    SIRNOSE 586- That is really great that you called 911 for the man having a stroke and took a proactive approach to his health emergency . I agree it's good to help people see the need to let emergency personnel do their work and assist ailing people in an emergency. And like you said it's important for the speaker to acknowledge what the person's going through and to show empathy like telling the audience to pray for the person suffering. To say nothing is inhumane. Agreed.

    COFTY- An absolutely astonishing experience you give - at least to me it's astonishing ! How could a man giving a talk on the stage see his wife collapse in an aisle ; yet do nothing and continue giving his talk ? Incredible. It's the sadistic influence of cult mind control really which causes even JW's own marriage mates to be so calloused and unfeeling. How sad.

    SHADOR- I agree. That man in Cofty's experience was absolutely inhumane in his behavior ! I hope it made some think in the audience about how indecent and unacceptable not tending to his wife's emergency was. Astonishing.

    QCMBR- True- human's don't know how to respond in emergencies at time- however to step over someone who has had a heart attack without blinking an eye is a gross lack of human empathy which shows a gross lack of character or calloused emotions. It has happened in big cities like New York, etc. where even people will die on the streets and people just walk around the corpse or body not even thinking about it. That's the same ingrate spirit shown in what you saw at that Burger King that day. It's really sad to see people so disconnected in responding that way.

    VIOLIA- Wow. A fight at the Kingdom hall, eh ? Must have been quite a strange thing to observe ! It's good somebody broke up the fight, yet the meeting show still carried on . I wonder if an earthquake would stop people from continuing their talks on the platform ? Crazy stuff.

    REBEL 8- I'm so sorry you were treated with such lack of caring and compassion. That's horrible ! Then to get dirty looks due to a phone ringing for your help for your medical emergency ! It shows the lack of empathy and lack of sincere human caring we all saw in the JW congregations.

    ANNE B- They may compare offending God with offending a " worldly ruler " - however if a medical emergency takes place the priorities should suddenly shift towards tending to that medical emergency . I mean , if while listening to a " ruler " or C.O. talk at a meeting and a person has a sudden bout of diahrrea - is the person supposed to sit there and $hit their pants out of respect ? I mean- I just don't get that. Personally I'd knock people over, incuding ANY ruler, who gets in the way of my finding a restroom ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    VIOLIA- Very interesting. So the fight happened BEFORE the meeting ? I bet it caused some confusion in people in how to react. I'm glad some people kept their senses though and stopped the fight and intervened.

    PAMS GIRL- I agree. I can't see a person like Jesus just stepping over somebody who just had a heart attack. Really strange

  • yellow

    The hall I was in had a few that would on occasion take panic attacks and were helped and a great deal of fuss

    made over them, of course they were members in good standing. Others not so prominent left to get on with it.

    I was d/f and sitting at the back with an elderly bro who had MS and was on morphine. He was talking incoherently

    and had a glazed expression, as a nurse I knew he hadn`t been taking his meds right. He got up to go home as he

    said he wasn`t well and collapsed to the floor, I helped him to get back up on his feet and spoke to an elder and said he

    was unwell and I sat down. The next meeting I went to I was severly chastised for helping him!! Go figure

  • flipper

    YELLOW- You were severely chastised for helping an older " brother " who fell to the floor in a health emergency ? Good gawd. That elder who chastised you should be bitch slapped ! I swear- no good deed goes unpunished, does it ? I'm proud of you that you did the right thing though- and you should be proud of yourself ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Very sick cult...

  • tiki

    yeah - i remember one in particular where ignorance reigned supreme. a young man passed out while doing a part - there was an EMT in the audience.....they got the guy off the stage and out back, and some idiot elders took over and dismissed the EMT....wouldn't let him do what he was trained for. It all ended up okay, but seriously, the bozoes could have done serious damage depending on what really was the issue with the sick one. I hope they have better procedures in place these days and call 911 instead of trying to play medics that they aren't.........

  • tiki

    i wasn't there, but i know of a case where an elderly sister was on an assembly program - did her part, went back to her seat and died....everyone thought it was so wonderful that she died after doing the part - such a privilege, all that sort of bizarre reasoning.........she was always a very nervous type and i always wondered if the stress of the whole thing was what did her in......

  • mamochan13

    At my graduation all us graduands were sitting in the front rows when the grandmother of one of them keeled over in the stands. There was a big commotion, and the paramedics arrived shortly to take her out on a stretcher. The girl sat in the row behind me, tears streaming down her face, not sure what she should do. Finally the attendant came and escorted the girl out. The speeches and the ceremony continued without a break. Near the end, though, they did make an announcement about the lady to tell us she was okay.

    I don't think it's necessarily appropriate to stop an event like this and have everyone watch the medical emergency, particularly when it is being dealt with by professionals.

    Just a comment on epilepsy seizures. The vast majority of people with epilepsy cope with their seizures without needing an ambulance. As long as they haven't fallen and sustained an injury, all that's required is to monitor the seizure and reassure them once it's over. No ambulance or 911 is necessary. Also, where I live, if you call an ambulance you incur a cost of almost $300 for that individual.

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