So who is going to do some kind of protest next Sunday?

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  • NewChapter

    I think I saw Serenity's banner. It actually surprised me. It is tasteful---and I think it is geared toward outsiders and people that may be interested in JW's---like a warning. It's not something I would do-but it doesn't seem to be protest style so much as informative. It simply says something like Shunning Destroys Families. There is a watchtower style pic on it with a family facing an ocean together.

    Just wanted to put it into context.


  • tec

    Shunning Destroys Families.

    Love it. And honestly, at least you're using your voice to try and warn people, or to try and make someone think. It is up to them whether or not they listen.

    I think theatrics ruin a protest, and can do more harm than good. But a single person (or handful of people) quiet and somber underneath or behind that banner... that would make a statement to me if I was walking by and happened to see it.

    Peace to you, and good for you too!


  • NewChapter

    Yeah---I was pleasantly surprised. The tone that Serenity and another woman (she doesn't post here) took was quite refreshing and thoughtful. They aren't trying to destroy the entire organization with their banner--they are not deluded. They just have an important piece of information and feel the need to share it. As I said, I'm usually put off by such protests---but their attitude really changed my thoughts on it.

    So many interested people understand on an intellectual level the idea of shunning (I did) but they don't fully understand the true cost of such evil behavior. Maybe if they press forward and find themselves having to shun someone, the sign will come to mind. We never can tell.


  • agonus

    Shunning Destroys Families? Well, duh! ;-) That's kinda the whole point. The more people leave Tha Org of their own accord, the worse Tha Org looks.

    Damage control, nothing more, nothing less. Or just control, period. Or maybe both ;-P

  • trailerfitter

    Use thier own tactics to get the message over!! I like the banner in the video. Religion is a snare and a racket.....It's sort of fitting. Getting at memebers or newbies in the JWs is a waste of time and OUTLAW is right...time for lunch. They won't listen,.... We all know that . I know that , My partner still puts her finger in her ears and goes LA !!!LA!!! LA!!! at the near mention of 1914 , the lies etc. Mind you, bringing up the dirt,... it's a good way to stop her trying to save me. I am getting no where in bringing awareness to her head however she is hooked.

    The Jehovah Witnesses release DVDs showing how good they are..., they hand out leaflets, they question other groups to their validity of their stance. History shows us that even the old guy errmm,.....nearly forgot his name,... C.T.Russell used modern technology to get the message over. (well according to the DVD I watch he did). I knew about the Jehovah Witnesses long before any contact was made. Most folk know about the failed prophecies and the blood issues however they are easily convinced they are "not so" by JW contact. I don't see why the Watchtower shouldn't get a massive dose of its own medicine, and often, since they are so proud to boast how they brought about bible awareness at the start of the 20th century.

    The biggest enemy to the Watchtower is modern media, especially the internet. The bonus of organising a fight and campaigning against an organisation on line is easily done. Businesses market their goods then have to sell them. Selling is the hardest part. Marketing is easy as it is about bring awareness about.

    If there are videos on you tube , websites to direct folk to for quick information they are better informed. Information is the key . The internet is a massive information machine and people are using it regularly to get their info fixes... I would aim a campaign towards those who may be influenced by the JWs but not in the organisation and a little bit of research might well yield who these folk are demographically and geographically. The only issue I could see is finance......however if some finance is available ( through merchandising or donation) then there are some really effective methods in use today...Face book has advertsing at very cheap rates and it only takes making a page to start it off on there.... google will offer pay per click advertsing which is very effective. The hardest part of using these services is finding the right key words to direct the advert...

    Anyway, there's my 2 pence worth....

  • i_drank_the_wine

    I have my own personal form of protest. It involves visiting a random kingdom hall, giving a good comment and a fake name to gain their trust, then giving a second comment that includes the word "f*ck" in it and acting like nothing happened.

    Ok, well, I haven't gotten the juevos to do this plan yet... but some day...

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