I really want to go JW but..

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  • ekruks

    Don't join the JWs..... if you are in some kind of state where you can't cope without that crap, then sorry, therapy would be better. It may cost you financially, but so will being a JW and it will cost you in other ways.

  • punkofnice

    Welcome Forbethel.

    My gut instinct tells me that the reson you posted was to validate either a positive or negative response within you. If JWs were the one true religion then you would simply have crossed over.

    That you've tried other religions makes me think you'll leave this on behind too as your joourney continues. With that in mind, if you join the JWs there is no way to leave without being shunned and disgraced.

    This is an organization whos leaders protect paedophiles within the congregations. This is an organization whos leaders predicted the end of the world would be 1975. Then claimed they didn't say a thing!

    Stay on this forum and ask questions that concern you and await an honest reply from those that have been JWs. I like others on this board were once elders....we've seen the horror show of conditional love AKA hate, behind the scenes!

    Consider the watchtower calling those that do not want to be JWS anymore as 'mentally diseased'. Are these the loving words from God or simply hate crime from men?

  • Diest

    Forbethel, I have never met one but there are JW splinter groups. Christiandelphians are one of them. Honestly if you need someone to give your life meaning go be a Unitarian Universalist. They dont believe in the trinity....

  • factfinder

    @ThomasCovenant- excellent w citation! Thanks for posting it.

    @forbethel- you don't have to join a group or religion to serve God. Even if you believe in certain teachings of the wts you can do so without having to go to the kh.

    But as others have explained here, the witnesses will shun you if you become one and then leave.

    This double posted-sorry.

  • factfinder
  • poppers

    Glad to see you are still here, forbethel. Stick around and explore the site. If you were a JW and did that and were discovered you'd be in deep trouble. Now is the time to investigate all sides. There are many exJWs for a reason - this site is testimony to that, so stay and learn from those who know of what they speak.

  • Alfred

    ThomasCovenant... great find... thanks...

  • fortbethel

    All of you have been so kind in your heartfelt responses. I'm so sorry alot of you have family that shun. I had always heard about this but didn't really believe it could be true. This is one of the reasons I feel a reformed JW movement should happen. It could be a bridge but what do I know.

    I feel we are so close to the, 'end times' & sometimes I really feel that this kind of congegational oversight would be good for me. I struggle with things like, 'online porn' & the witnesses seem to be the only group cosistently warning members about it.

    I'm 42 years old, male, unmarried. I've drifted in & out of JW studies for the past 15 years. My mother & her accountant both two of the most Christian people I've ever known were deeply concerned when I first started studying. They are both decesed now & it is really really hard to believe they were both wrong with God when they died.

    Once again everyone, your feedback has been such a HUGE help. Peace :)

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    They are both decesed now & it is really really hard to believe they were both wrong with God when they died.

    Why do you say this? How were they "wrong with God? Sorry if I missed something from another post.

    This is one of the reasons I feel a reformed JW movement should happen.....fortbethel

    Tell your JW friends you`d like to change the JW`s..See what happens..LOL!!

    I struggle with things like, 'online porn'

    Find a better porn website..One with not so many advertisements..


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