I really want to go JW but..

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  • fortbethel

    I've studied with like 30 diff denominations. I really feel JW is best for me. I think it's the 144,000 part & the once a year get together when they pass around the sacrament that bothers me most. How can I cross over?

  • watson

    This is where you need to lean on the understanding of the "faithful and discreet slave". It's a lot easier that way. They will give you the guidance and direction that you seek.

  • Scully

    If you can't agree with the fundamental teachings - the 144,000 and the Memorial™ are fundamental teachings - then I would suggest examining what it is that you agree with, and why.

    If you are male, does the Headship Principle™ appeal to you? The one that puts females in a lower station, and requires submission to the husband or father? If you are female, does that same Headship Principle™ appeal to you for its requiring less of you, allowing you to cop out and let someone else make all the tough decisions for you?

    Does the extremely structured lifestyle appeal to you, which leaves little room for socializing with family and friends who are not JW?

    Do the rules appeal to you, that absolve you of responsibility for making your own decisions and at the same time surrender your decision-making to a body of individuals that you will never meet, and who may or may not have your (or your family's) best interests at heart?

    Do you agree with the idea that in a medical emergency, you will be required to refuse blood transfusions for yourself, and on behalf of your spouse and/or children?

    If there are teachings that you disagree with, can you, in good conscience, go Door-to-Door™ and attempt to recruit other people into the JW belief system?

    Can you live with the possibility of having to shun individuals who leave the belief system - not for doing anything wrong - but because they disagree with certain doctrines and practices?

    Can you, in good conscience, invite people to join the JW belief system, knowing that it shelters pedophiles and domestic abusers from justice, and attempts to silence victims of these individuals?

    Ask yourself those questions before you commit. If you can still join the JW belief system after seriously considering those questions, then you deserve each other.

  • Little Imp
    Little Imp

    What an excellent response Scully

  • EntirelyPossible

    A lobotomy works for most JDubs

  • shamus100

    What does the watchtower say when new ones study and can't get by something?

    Oh yeah, just drop it and soon they will accept it.

  • bohm

    scullys advice is properly better, but EPs is more correct...

  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome fortbethel and what WTBTS doctrines work best for you compared with other religions? What are you looking for in a congregation? If you are a Christian, will you have problems following the teachings of the WTBTS instead of Jesus Christ, or will you have problems with the WTBTS trying to downplay the importance of Jesus Christ by saying that he may be the Archangel Micheal, why make that hypothesis.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you know,


  • sabastious
    I think it's the 144,000 part & the once a year get together when they pass around the sacrament that bothers me most.

    So you don't agree that the Watchtower leaders in Brooklyn are the overlords of God's earthly organization? Oh sure, you'll make a great JW...


  • fortbethel

    is the a pro or anti JW site?

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