After leaving the Faith, do you celebrate all of the Holidays?

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  • Quarterback

    Yes, Entirely Possible, but getting hammered is not rooted in Pagon's honoring Noah.

  • Berengaria

    LOVE IT!! Celebrate everything, other than Easter. Always found it the most boring and pointless. BBQ with the family and egg hunts when the kids were little, but...........

    I'm excited today, after going to the store and seeing pumpkins and corn and such all over the place. The smell of cinnamon was strong. My favorite. We are about to enter my favorite time of the year. From this point on, it's nothing but fun, love and food. Halloween first, and that is a ton of fun!! I decorate the house, usually dress up, and am fortunate to live in a place where we get dozens, maybe hundreds of people. The guy around the corner does the most amazing stuff. I'll have to dig up some pics. Then it's Thanksgiving with family and that chilly weather and the leaves blowing, everything orange and red.........and where I live, the rains start and the hills begin to turn green. Christmas is wonderful, everything about it. Love the weather, the music, the lights, the way people seem to be a little more friendly and cheerful........................The smells!! The cookie exchanges!!

    I'm in a position this year to be more involved in charitable work. We've always done the food banks and toy drives and giving trees etc., but this year I will have an opportunity to do more. It only adds to my love of this season.

    Sorry, but yes, I am a holiday enthusiast.

  • mamamo

    I celebrate them all. I did a lot more when my boys were smaller. For some reason they don't want the Easter Baskets that much when they are in the teens. Last year for Christmas we rented a cabin in Pigeon Forge and these native Floridians had their first white Christmas. It was great!

    Does it drive my mother crazy? Heck yeah, all the more reason to do it! I'm making up for all those years I had to go sit in the library while everybody had parties.

  • paulnotsaul

    Our family celebrates everything but Halloween. The church we attend admits their origins. But if you read Roman chapter 14 it goes into detail about this topic. I personally bought a book on the history of christmas. Lots of pagan rituals. But with in reason all things that are celebrated to the glory of God are justifiable. I don't believe Jesus was born Dec. 25. The Catholic faith does. But for us its a day to celebrate the fact that our savior was born. We like to keep the christ in christmas. As far as Easter. This is a day picked to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus. And where I attend this is a whole month of activites surrounding Jesus. As a Christian I celebrate the Christ aspect of it. But if your a Pagan maybe your reasons are different. I DON'T JUDGE! peacetoAll paulnotsaul

  • EntirelyPossible

    Yes, Entirely Possible, but getting hammered is not rooted in Pagon's honoring Noah.

    But I do it after eating a turkey, and not just because it was on sale.

  • Berengaria

    I'm not a pagan, but an athiest

  • paulnotsaul

    So where does that put you if your celebrating the holidays? If not for either pagan or christian, then why? peace paulnotsaul

  • mrsjones5

    Simple, cuz it's fun and we like it.

  • jamiebowers

    I celebrate them all with great relish! Everything has pagan origins, and it means nothing.

    I can see the time of year for family to get together, but hunting for Easter eggs? Is this really fun?

    Easter egg hunts are fun for kids, and putting them on is fun for adults. Plus, if a person likes sweets, candy in particular, who wouldn't love an Easter basket?

  • paulnotsaul

    MrsJones5, I can accept that answer. At one time maybe not. My wife helped me to open my eyes to new concepts. I used to ask her why she watched such shallow programs on T.V. She told me because she didn't want to think but to be entertained. How could I argue with that? I am thankful for her. Cause in all my complexity, I became the simpleton. peaceAll paulnotsaul

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