After leaving the Faith, do you celebrate all of the Holidays?

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  • d

    Yes I do.

  • ziddina

    This was Halloween at my house, last year...

    This year, I'm probably going to pack up everything and take it down to a friend who lives in an older section of Denver - set up at her house and celebrate Halloween there...

    Zid the She-Devil

  • andys

    This be my first year that I celebrate the holidays:)

  • talesin

    Xmas!!! YAY! I lurvs Xmas!

    Like mrsjones, I am happy to 'pick' my holidays. My others are Halloween and Canada Day, and if I'm ever not single, I will relish Valentine's Day, and my partner's birthday (love to call up friends on their 'special day' and be the first to say Joy, Joy, Happy, Happy! :)


  • talesin

    woop woop! andys,,, you are gonna enjoy it soooo much! :D

    Zid,,, I love it!!! Love Halloween to BITS!!!

    the spiders on the porch are sscccaaarrrryyy!

    I've never had that candy corn ... Canadian hoser, eh?


  • watersprout

    I LUUUUUVVVVVVV CHRISTMAS!!!!! *Does a little xmas dance* I love the lights, the atmosphere, making pressies, wrapping up pressies, giving out pressies, recieving pressies, the xmas cards, the cold nights, the films, hot chocolate! Ooooooooh I just love it!

    I like halloween because the kids all look like they are having fun. Plus hubby loves to terrify the kids with his scary werewolf mask! It is vile!

    I love easter cause it all about chickens and bunnies!

    I love Hannakah with my menorah, the dradle song and a little gift each night for the duration of it.

    I dislike Valentines day cause it's all soppy and romantic! Carrot and Babysprout call me the ''Ice queen'' becuase I hate soppiness.


  • Quarterback

    Good to hear your comments. Loved some of the pictures.

  • ziddina

    What? Only SOME of the pictures???

  • shamus100

    Why do people call it a 'faith'? The nicest definition of Jehovahs Witnesses out there by experts is high control group.

  • love2Bworldly

    I celebrate them all and LOVE it! Life is too short and should be celebrated.

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