Wording of "mentally diseased" press release - feedback?

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    little if nothing

    Is that an idiomatic expression in the UK? If so, good. To this American it seems awkward. We would say either "little or nothing" or "little to nothing" instead, but it could well be a dialect thing and perfectly acceptable grammar.

    The purpose of the article was evidently to block any current Witnesses from discovering the truth about the organisation’s history, and its increasingly discredited beliefs.

    I would soften this a little (and I LIKE tweaking them with their own "evidently" lingo): "The purpose of the article was evidently to block current Witnesses from discovering information and evidence about the organisation's history and uniquely dubious doctrines."

  • clarity


    "The purpose of the article was evidently to blockcurrent witnesses from discovering information ..."blabla.


    You could mention also that the 'Study Watchtower', that is not for PUBLIC distribution, also blocks the general public from discovering this kind of controversial teaching!


    Since this new watchtower's inception, in January 15 2008, the content for study is said to be God's message to us and must be obeyed!


    *** w08 1/15 p. 3 The New Study Edition of The Watchtower ***

    The New Study Edition of The Watchtower

    THE magazine that you are reading is the first issue of the study edition of The Watchtower. We would like to explain some of the features of the new format of this magazine.

    The study edition is published for Jehovah's Witnesses and progressive Bible students. It will appear once a month and will contain either four or five study articles. The schedule for considering these study articles is printed on the cover of the magazine. Unlike the public edition of The Watchtower, the study edition will not have different cover illustrations for each issue, since it will not be offered in the field ministry


    Love what has been written ... give it your all & thank you!

    Best of Luck


  • sir82

    Seems awfully speculative for a press release.

    "Likely....may even constitute....unknown number...."

    I would suspect that any newspaper that would want to run something like this would want some sort of documentaion that there are "many witnesses who are trapped". How many is "many"? How do you know, other than anecdotal evidence? How do you know they live in "constant fear"?

    I'm not doubting your word, I'm just trying to think like the 99.99% of th eworld who knows next to nothing about JWs.

    If you make wildly speculative claims without some sort of hard evidence to back those claims up, don't be surprised at not seeing this get picked up.

  • Quarterback

    I like the statement, and the comments made by the Posters....I wonder if this could be a Human Rights issue, though

  • thetrueone

    So then the false Prophets who spoke out and for themselves back in ancient time, if you happened to disagree with their proclamations and teachings,

    they were appropriately right to call those ones mentally diseased......ummm interesting ?

    The WTS. are false prophets as well but they've turn things up a notch by being commercialized false prophets.

    What it has come to, is the WTS has been articulately scrutinized as being a pretentious fraud masquerading itself

    as some special and unique organization, when in truthful and honest reality it is not .

    What it is, is small group of men playing god, who also run and operate a publishing house.

    This self identifying notarization is nothing but a promotion and marketing scheme to proliferate and circulate it published works among the

    population. Unfortunately some have indulged themselves into this disingenuous and pretentious fraud and are being captivated by strong mental

    suggestions to essentially keep them there, working for the organization and to support the organization financially.

    Just because a person has the intelligence and personal fortitude to realize of this apparent organizational fraud in action, its hardly

    indicative of that person having some or any sort of mental imbalance or inappropriately said to have disease of any kind.

    Its just another inappropriate and dishonest expression coming from people who are indentured toward their own corruption as

    an endeavored act of self sustainability.

  • rebel8

    In the US, individuals do not do press releases--organizations do. Individuals submit news tips, write letters to the editor or op-eds. ??

  • cedars

    Well I say "press release" - it's a statement to be sent to the press, whatever you want to call it!

  • rebel8

    Ok, well then my tip is to put it in the body of an email--no attachments, they don't open attachments.

    And shorten it up--they quit reading after a few words--put the "hook" in the subject line and 1st sentence so they will keep reading. Your goal is to give them a news tip and let them know how to get in touch for the rest of the story.

    They want a local angle because that is what readers/viewers/listeners pay attention to and stay tuned on the channel during the commercial breaks. IOW, local angles make them $. So play that up!

    The daughter in law school angle is interesting--mention that--gives it human interest the readers/viewers could relate to. The daughter figured out the law and the mom is standing up for her rights--resonates with the everyman.

    Pick 1 media outlet and offer them an exclusive--makes more $ for them since they're the only ones covering it, so it increases the chance they'll want to cover it. If that fails, cast your net wider.


    Subject: American church violates hate speech law, local woman lodges police charges

    body: 1 paragraph explaining your personal story 2-3 sentences

    conclusion: I hope you are willing to cover this story. I would like the world to know how hateful this supposed loving religion really is. I can be reached at [cell phone # you are prepared to answer any time of the day/evening in the next week, if you miss the call you may miss the opportunity entirely]

    This is based on my training and experience. Good luck.

  • cedars

    Thanks very much for that! I am hoping to find out a bit more about what transpired with Amelia's police interview, and then I will be returning to this thread and using all the excellent suggestions (including yours) to re-word it.

    I appreciate your input!!

  • nugget

    I have updated Amelias thread on the police interview. If you can get hold of the study magazine then it is worth reading it. I read the article about the european court with a sinking heart. It makes any prosecution in the EU more difficult. However they have just been aquited for insighting hatred and in the same magazine reporting the court judgement they describe ex members as evil, cunning and mentally diseased. That may be an angle seems like a snub at the european court to me.

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