Wording of "mentally diseased" press release - feedback?

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  • nugget

    Be interesting to see what happens and whether there is any interest in the wider world. You have worked hard Cedars.

  • punkofnice

    Cedars! You da man!

    At least raising awareness is a damaging thing to the WBT$!

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    I admire what you are trying to do. I am affected by this issue currently as tensions rise in my family over some of my recent decisions and expressed viewpoints. That being said...

    IMO, the 9/11 reference is still in poor taste. Everyone knows what happened on 9/11, no need to belabor the point. If you mention the date, people's minds go there, without the specific mention of terrorist acts. Also, it creates a point of comparsion that makes the purpose of the article seem trivial. To me, it sounds like the writer is trying to put the treatment of apostates (a minor issue on the big picture scale and of very little importance to most of the world) on the same level as what happened in the US on 9/11.

    Same statements above apply to the reference to the Middle East in the final paragraph. In the Middle East, people are being denied basic human rights, being abused and killed - meanwhile, some JWs are being shunned.

    Why not mention the Holocaust while we're at it?

    Sorry for being so critical. I just feel that the issue we are dealing with is what it is. It pales in comparison to some of the tragedies that are going on in the world right now. That's not to say that it doesn't deserve to be discussed in the media. I just feel that the two current events mentioned in the article make the theme of the article seem cheap.

  • cedars

    Hello Franklin Massey - thanks for your observations. Obviously the 9/11 reference was only made because of the date that the article was discussed at most meetings around the world, and it seemed impossible to give the date without some nod towards its wider significance. I have therefore toned down the 9/11 reference, but I understand your desire to see it removed altogether, along with the reference to the Arab Spring.

    I'm not yet at a stage where I can send it anyway, because I want to receive some interest from a newspaper or news channel before sending it. I will revisit the wording when the time comes with your comments in mind.

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