How many of you were in Dramas at the D.C. ?

by drewcoul 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • minimus

    In 1976 I was in a drama where I was "studying to be an elder".....and it was about how the Circuit Overseer was not simply just another elder and even though "1975 has come and went", we were going to be 'patient and wait on Jehovah">

  • wannabefree
    I had graduated from the second best acting school in the country and could NOT even get a part on the drama when my congregation had it. Such a crime! But really witnesses do not care.

    What a bummer Botzwana.

    Those with abilities and expect to have a privilege because of it are not considered spiritual and therefore the job will be given to the unqualified but spiritual ... unless of course you have a particular profession that The Organization needs for some current project.

    I wasn't in one, would have been fun I imagine.

  • Smoky

    I was in a Drama, around 13 years has it been that long. Well I loved it... I dont even remember what it was about somthing about Daniel prohesy i think. All i remember is a cool costume & my big ass sword. I beleive my character was Ar´i·och, chief of the kings was my first Acting gig....never did a play before in my life....and i had some lines too. Practice was mostly weekends for months.

    those where the days.


  • fade_away

    I've always dreaded the idea of being in one of those. I had no interest in physical acting. The dramas always felt so corny and the voice acting was terrible and the physical acting was over done and exagerrated sometimes. They chose my dad a couple of times and once they chose a huge number from our congregation. I felt so relieved they didn't ask me to participate in that circus disaster of a drama. I wonder if there's ever been a huge noticable blooper on one of those. Falling off the stage would be kinda funny!

  • spanteach

    I desperately wanted to be in a drama when I was growing up. Once I got older, I was very good at making my five-minute talks very realistic and actor-y. But I was never a "teacher's pet" so I was never in a drama. That's okay, though. Since I left 6 years ago, I've been on stage in community theatre productions, didn't have to lip sync, and got to sing and dance. You can have your Bible dramas...I have Hairspray.

  • drewcoul

    Do the characters in the dramas lip-sync? I've never been close enough to tell one way or another.

  • spanteach

    Hmm, maybe not. Maybe they just wave their arms around in time with whatever is being said by who they're portraying. Maybe they don't have to move their mouths at all.

  • NVR2L8

    When pre-recorded sound tracts were first used we still had to learn the dialogues from a script and lipsynch every word precisely...but as someone mentionned now they seem to concentrate on over emphasizing gestures since most of the audience can't see the actors mouths clearly especially when they are hidden behindnfake beards. On that subject I remember brothers growing beards to play in the dramas...but that was short-lived.

  • jaguarbass

    Back before 75, I was in the drama about Noahs Ark at Cleveland Stadium. I played Ham. It seemed like several months from

    the time we were chosen till the date of the show. I think we got together once a week and prepared from being fitted

    for costumes to learning our lines.

    It was all lyp synced.

    I met brother Knorr the day of the show.

    It was good times must have been 74.

  • sherah

    I worked on the costumes in a handful of dramas. Single sister were hardly ever selected for roles. That may have to do with incident of a sister hooking up with a married bro, they met during drama rehersals.

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