How many of you were in Dramas at the D.C. ?

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  • drewcoul

    Do you remember what the drama was? What role did you play? What is preparation like?

  • punkofnice

    Back in the '80's. Some old crap about the men of Ai. I was part of rent-a-crowd.

    The prep was depressing with over-sneers saying: 'We must remember the seriousness of this drama!'

    We had a couple of 'directors' that kept changing what the other one had done in the previous rehearsal.

    The congregational 'teacher's pets' got all the good parts.

    My memory of it wasn't good. My memory is just pious men on a power-trip.

    In the dressing room the subject of 'backward masking' on LP's came up. Y'know, where in a music track some prayer to Satan was recorded backwards. One of the rent-a-crowd said: 'I listened to an ELO album and it made me feel dizzy!'


    OK, ELO aren't everyones' cup-o-tea but I don't recall Jeff Lynn recording a prayer to Satan backwards on his music!

  • cantleave

    I used run the tapes for the drama's at the DC's. I used to sync tape 1 and tape 2 so there was a seemless changeover. does that count?

  • HintOfLime

    Heh, I was in one of those, the one about Josiah (The title was something like "Doing What is Right in Jehovahs Eyes"). I was a bad child who tried to tempt Josiah to away from god (a non-biblical addition to the story.. the WT rarely concerns itself with 'adding to the scriptures'). Preperation was a weekly rehersal for several months.

    Not much interesting to say about it - the audio was pre-recorded of course, and the scripts (I might still have the script) spelled out every prop, movement, and action (only thing that wasn't really spelled out was the colors of wardrobe). All I remember from the director is him repeating "the audience will be far away - make your motions/gestures bigger so everyone can see them!"

    - Lime

  • xelder

    I was recommended to direct a drama once, but I wasn't chosen. I was disappointed. (How Silly it seems now)

    I never did a baptism talk either. I was always disappointed with that too (what a sorry looser....haha). Now I'm glad I never contributed to one of those stupid baptisms. (except for my own, a couple bible studies. and my 2 kids....who are now aware of the WTS crap)

    I always had to do complex parts, lots of demonstrations, lots of rehearsals....what a waste.

    thanks for making me remember the wasted I go have a nice Friday now?

  • NVR2L8

    I was in several dramas, mostly in the modern scenes, not the costumed characters except for one occasion when I played a levite priest in the Jeremiah drama. I did a voice on the Joseph dramasound track in a foreign language. I also played Benny in the drama Do not misuse your youth at an international assembly 1969...this was a live modern drama, not a pre-recorded tape. I spent a whole month of my school vacation rehearsing seven days a week until late at night. We didn't even go to the meetings or out in service. In one of the scenes I was confessing taking drugs and jumping around while others were shouting Benny the bunny and ending up mutually masturbating each other...those pages were witheld from the script everyone else were using during rehearsal and I would only practice this scene behind closed doors with the brother (CO) in charge of the drama. Then in the last general rehearsal that scene was included and I had to confess in front of everyone, including some teenage girls. Even though I had never commited such obscene acts I felt humiliated. Then I had to do it again in front of 30,000 people! Because I was a model teen I was often interviewd at CAs...

  • Nowman

    I was in the modern day drama in 1987or 88 (close enough), I was 13 years old at the time. I played a worldly girl named Dolly Winters. She went to school with a JW boy. So the story between Dolly and the JW boy was one thing. My parents played in the same drama as JW couple on the fence, in the end they decided to serve Jah 100% and as for know the drill....she started studying with the witnesses and became a loyal servant of Jehovah !!! Yahoo.

    It was days, weeks, of preparation. I have to say I had fun, it was a really good time actually. But I did not have fun because of "serving Jah", I had fun because it was like being a celebrity in JWville there for awhile. What 13 year old would not like the attention, you know?


  • MrFreeze

    I was in one as someone who helped set up the stage as well as had a crowd role. It was the Gehazi one. or however you spell his name

  • Botzwana

    I had just come back from acting school in New York. AADA.. Got to shake hands with Patrick Stewart. I had graduated from the second best acting school in the country and could NOT even get a part on the drama when my congregation had it. Such a crime! But really witnesses do not care. So long as it´s Elder Brownnose...he always gets parts in the dramas.

  • Honesty

    Every DC I attended was full of drama.

    I'm glad I quit attending those boasting sessions.

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