"Mentally Diseased" are confirmed as offensive words of hate crime. Help needed, please.

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    My youngest is studying law. Browsing through one of her books I came across a chapter Freedom of Association. It covers the well known categories, colour, race, religion, sexuality etc. Not ex members of religions though. Coincidentally (I do believe in these now) our Police here have set up a website offering advice for victims. I sent this: Hello, I have a query regarding hate crime but its not LGBT related. I would be grateful if my query could be directed to the correct department. Briefly, I am a baptised Jehovah's Witness but no longer active. Last Sunday members were informed by the leaders to regard all ex members as "mentally diseased" and we are to be treated as if we were carrying a fatally contagious disease. This even includes any family members who have chosen to no longer attend meetings. (They don't like to call it church). I find it highly offensive my friends and I are labelled "mentally diseased" because we no longer choose to peddle their magazines. Thank you Amelia Ashton They emailed me back and informed me these words would be classed as hate crime. I then received a phone call and explained briefly the July 15 article. I have a Police officer coming Saturday 3PM to take more details. Please can I have your input on how best to convey the damage, suffering and pain this article has caused. Thank you Amelia I am pretty sure all paragraphing will disappear the moment I hit the submit button. Apologies xxx

  • Bella15

    Way to go!!!

  • wannabefree

    Hate crime?! They are the epitome of Christian love!

    Way to go. Make 'em choke on their own words. Can't cover up that hate crime.

    (In case you are the brother who read the above word at a recent meeting and you happen to be reading this, it is pronounced ee-pit-o-me)

  • cofty

    Amelia, very well done! I'm sorry I don't have any specific advice at the moment but this thread deserves everybodies attention.

    Could anybody post a scan of the offending paragraphs?

  • unshackled

    Interesting Amelia...good work. There are a few threads going on these articles being studied recently. Cofty, this is the page...

  • sabastious

    My uncle from Nashville came into my area a few days back. He has a band and was playing at a local cofee shop. His show was later so I had to come alone while my wife stayed home with the little one. About an hour before the show my mother called me and told me that she wouldn't be attending and also told me that my cousin-in-law, a musician, was playing bass in the set with my uncle. Now this cousin regards me as one of these "mentally diseased apostates." I thought about not going, but soon chose not to let it effect my planned evening.

    I was looking foward to watching my uncle play. I actually arrived at the cofee shop earlier than the band. As they came in my uncle gave me a big hug and introduced me to all the band members except my cousin in law. I brought my camera to flim their set and for the next 2 hours he didn't make eye contact with me. The shop was maybe 250 square feet.

    This is a good example of the sway the Watchtower has over their members. He truly seemed to treat me as if speaking to me, or even making eye contact with me, would turn him apostate or make him lose favor with God. The Watchtower article being studied at the Kingdom Hall sure does constitute hateful generalization and defaming of good name.


  • Hairyhegoat

    This is great news Amelia. I will speak to sleeping beauty and supply you with some amo before Sat. These Watchtowers are not given to the public either so make this clear aswell. I am so mentally diseased that my dad has not contacted me in over 12 months now I just think it's time to expose this evil cult in the UK now. Do a number on them and cause as much damage as you can on Sat.

    Take Care


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Well done. I think I may just fire off another email to the Charity Comission.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Lifted from the Police website. For the police service to be truly effective and provide an appropriate level of service to the victims of hate crime / hate incidents, it is important that the community has the confidence to report hate crime. A hate incident is defined as: 'Any incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate based on age, disability, gender, homophobia, racism, religion, transphobia'.

  • MrFreeze

    I hope you are prepared because the WT has a pretty good legal team...

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