Dec 15th WT: "Be like Solomon and don't go to university / don't be like Solomon and join a sports team!"

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  • cedars

    Thanks to 'Gayle' for bringing our attention to the fact that the December 15th Watchtower has now been uploaded to It doesn't take long to reach the first juicy bit on pages 8 and 9, this time regarding higher education:

    It would be good to ask, ‘Am I taking to heart Solomon’s example of treasuring divine wisdom?’ Economic uncertainties have moved many to concentrate on their job and finances or have influenced decisions about the type and amount of education to seek. What about you and your family? Do your choices indicate that you are treasuring and seeking divine wisdom?

    It strikes me as more than a little odd that somebody like Solomon, arguably one of the wealthiest rulers of ancient times, should be held aloft as a shining example of financial frugality, or a scriptural role-model for dissuading young ones from the perils of seeking a good job or higher education.

    The article, entitled "Is He A Good Example For You Or A Warning?", goes on to take another swipe at young ones who get involved in the evil that is 'extra-curricular sports'. Parallels are drawn between Solomon's bad decision to marry an Egyptian, and nefarious things in which young ones might get embroiled.

    Will we let Solomon’s course be a warning example for us? A sister might attempt to rationalize forming a romantic link that ignores God’s directive to marry “only in the Lord.” (1 Cor. 7:39) With similar rationalizing, one might share in extracurricular sports or clubs at school, underreport taxable income, or tell untruths when asked to reveal actions that could be embarrassing.

    I may have missed something here, but since when was playing for the school basketball team akin to breaking the command to "marry only in the lord" or, even tax evasion? This for me is yet another chapter in the Watch Tower Society's bizarre war on sports (see my earlier post), something that rattles me personally as it is without any scriptural foundation.

    Thoughts please?

  • baltar447

    On the contrary, the GB HAS imitated Solomon in their gradiose building projects. Do as we SAY not as we DO.

  • shadow

    Odd group there: marriage choice, sports, tax cheats and taking the 5th. They left out chewing gum in the kingdom hall?

  • zoiks

    Silly cult.

  • OnTheWayOut

    So are we to take Solomon's example to heart or use Solomon's course as a warning example???????????

    It's kind of laughable that we should consider Solomon's (good) example when looking at economic uncertainty and education. Solomon (according to WTS) was the equivalent of a billionaire. It would be easy to say, "Once I am a billionaire like Solomon, I will treasure divine wisdom."

  • cedars

    Good point OnTheWayOut - the idea that Solomon is an examplary role model of one who abandoned materialism and put spiritual things first is so ludicrous it doesn't even need an explanation. How can anybody who led such an extravagant lifestyle be held aloft as a shining example of NOT making money and NOT trying to acquire financial security or accumulate wordly posessions??!

    So are we to take Solomon's example to heart or use Solomon's course as a warning example???????????

    I'm with you there. Either Solomon was a positive role-model, or a negative role-model. Make your mind up!

  • unshackled

    There's that damn word...extracurricular. Must've heard that word about 10,000 times by the age of 13 but didn't really know what the hell it meant. Extracurricular = baaaad things. Remember trying to explain to a school friend why I couldn't join Track & Field...."well, it's extracurricular". Him: "what does that mean?" Me: "Uhhhh...I just can't do after school stuff."

  • Magwitch

    "A sister might attempt to rationalize forming a romantic link "- why is this a female thing? Males are exempt?


    ...There's that damn word...extracurricular....didn't really know what the hell it meant
    Yes, extracurricular, masturbation, fornication....I knew they were very bad - never had a clue what any of it was.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Instead be like Solomon and see chopping an infant in two as a viable option to settle a custody claim. Then proceed to be lauded for your "divine wisdom".

  • cedars

    Magwith - it does always seem to be the sisters that get singled out as having lustful designs on becoming "unevenly yoked", and never the brothers. Well noticed!

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