Poll: What do you believe now?

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  • Lunatic Faith
    Lunatic Faith

    I have been noticing we ex-JW's are very different in our choices of beliefs once we leave the WTS. Some choose Christianity, others flee Christianity. Some find they can't beieve in anything any more. I think most of us go through changes as we grow and separate ourselves from the cult mentality. What journey of spirituality, or awakening, have you enjoyed? Where are you now? And how did you get there?

  • Shador

    My answer is rather complex.

    After freeing my mind from the WTB$, I have to admit, I was at a loss for a bit. I went through a brief athiest period, but I now hold a personal belief system, largely based on Asatru (Germanic/Norse Neopaganism), also incorporating, in whole or in part, the following Precepts (obtained from.... another source):

    • Any religion or teaching which denies the Natural Laws of the Universe is false.
    • Whatever People’s perception of God, or Gods, or the motive Force of the Universe might be, they
      can hardly deny that Nature’s Law are the work of, and therefore the intent of, that Force.
    • God and religion are distinct, separate and often conflicting concepts. Nature evidences the divine
      plan, for the natural world is the work of the force or the intelligence men call God. Religion is the
      creation of mortals, therefore predestined to fallibility. Religion may preserve or destroy a People,
      depending on the structure given by its progenitors, the motives of its agents and the vagaries of
      historical circumstances.
    • The truest form of prayer is communion with Nature. It is not vocal. Go to a lonely spot, if possible a
      mountaintop, on a clear, star-lit night, ponder the majesty and order of the infinite macrocosm. Then
      consider the intricacies of the equally infinite microcosm. Understand that you are on the one hand
      inconsequential beyond comprehension in the size of things, and on the other hand, you are potentially
      valuable beyond comprehension as a link in destiny’s chain. There you begin to understand how pride
      and self can co-exist with respect and reverence. There we find harmony with Nature and with
      harmony comes strength, peace and certainty.

    I also believe that it is entirely possible that all the entities we call "gods" and "goddesses" are not supernatural but are highly evolved alien beings. Much like ourselves, there are both evil and good ones.

  • cantleave

    I believe in myself. Something I did not believe in as a JW.

  • TimothyT

    I believe in Jesus. My journey with the JWs has shown me how valuable the bible is in ones life and how following Jesus is so important in life (although I didnt learn it from them - All they were going on about what faith in some dumb man-made organisation) When i was disfellowshipped and was free of their mind numbing nonsense, it was time to start studying the life of Jesus and seeing how following him could help me in my life. Im rather enjoying it too. :)

    Timmy xxx

  • Nobleheart

    I believe Jesus lived, died and was physically raised up; his sacrifice covering for all our sins, which was the greatest demonstration of God's love. That's the message of the gospel plain and simple.

    Edit to add.

    I did waver between uncertainty and cynicism for a brief time after the disappointment called WT. I DAed in April. It's a relief to know that salvation is a free gift and everyone can enjoy closeness with God without the cycle of works.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I'm through with dreams and fantasies I want evidence

  • wobble

    Same as that famous young lady detective above, I want evidence, evidence that can be tested in a scientific and forensic way in that which YOU say is truth.

    I don't then have to believe, just acknowledge the facts.

    No evidence ? Not interested !

  • Perry

    Here's my journey:

    JW>Nearly Atheist>Agnostic>Do-Gooder Unsaved Christian>Self-Reliant Hedonist>Washed-in-the-blood-born-again-Christian for 7 years now.

  • erbie

    Well, I reckon I just believe in what seems realistic and plausible. I'm not sure exactly where that leaves me and I don't feel any pressure or urgency to take on a belief system just for the sake of it.

    I don't believe in a god who would slaughter billions of people, I know that. I belive in freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the right to dispute something that is a complete nonsense.

  • paulnotsaul

    I am still a believer in God/Jesus. My journey spiritually took me from the legalistic religion of JWs definates and certainties concerning the bible, God, Jesus to a non judging, Jesus following, every week communion taking, bible read for understanding, worship by faith, God can be or do anything believing christian. I had to realize that I don't have all the answers. And I'm OK with not being 100% certain of Gods plans for the future. Its called having faith and I finally understand what it means. peaceAll paulnotsaul

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