Poll: What do you believe now?

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    "Religioned out" would best describe my position.

    I try to keep an open mind towards such matters:

    - but nothing so far (and it has been over 17 years now) has shaken my intense distrust of religion in any of its forms.


  • Kensho

    I have been moved to Deism over the last year, it makes the most sense to me after being a witness for 40 yrs. and all that Bible study and WT. Propaganda and proselytizing.

    I cannot deny there is a Creator but I don't believe in any “revealed” religions or holy books and especially the priest craft that goes with it. They ALL make a mockery of what we call God.

    The Creation tells us all about the Creator and with the power of our God-given reason we can figure out most of the correct things to do in life.

    We are in our time slot in the “evolution” of man that the Creator has set in motion and it is our responsibility to live a good and honorable life and contrary to what we have been taught about living life in “the waiting room “ expecting God to save us, we should do all we can during “our time” to help the human race to evolve to where we no longer hang on to superstitious religious beliefs handed down from our ancestors that have done nothing but cause pain and suffering.

    All religious beliefs slow the process of evolution to where the Creator wants us to be heading. (perfection?) He is the Clock maker and is just letting it run without any interference.

    Deism teaches me not worry about what happens (if anything) after death, I will find out soon enough. I am confident there is something else for us, but as to what that is, only at death will we find out for sure.

    I will respect others beliefs and not try to convert them, but I will open the door to helping them to use their gift of reason only if they inquire and want to remove the shackles of superstition.

    (Maybe some JW's will wake up and participate in the human race)

    ( not I'm wright your wrong you die!)

    I will respect all creation and continue to learn about how to live and treat my fellow man from lessons in creation.

    Albert Einstein, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson were all Deist

    check it out moderndeism.com worlddeism.com positivedeism.com

    may it bring you peace of mind as it has given me.

    Kensho Satori

    “ In Deism our reason and our belief are happily united”

    -Thomas Paine

  • mouthy

    I believe that JESUS CHRIST is the WAY, TRUTH ,LIFE!

  • talesin

    The POWER OF LOVE ,,, that's what I believe in.



  • unshackled

    Non-theist/humanist/bacon connoisseur

    The POWER OF LOVE ,,, that's what I believe in.

    tale...I too believe in Huey Lewis, but not the News.

  • tec

    I believe in Christ.

    I believed in God before. I just didn't know what I believed about Him. I didn't know who to listen to.

    Now I do know - that we are to listen to Christ. So I believe in Christ, and the God and Father of Christ.



  • talesin

    yes, unshackled, me too! :D

    but as the Silver Surfer says, "Love is the POWER COSMIC" ... so,,, there ya go!


  • Diest

    I would take evidence of the rocks crying out....

  • QuitWastingTIME

    "He who seeks the truth, follow him. He who finds it, question him." Or some form of the quote thereof. I'm almost an Ancient Astronaut theorist. Like someone here said, just like there are good and bad people, there may very well have been good and bad visitors who visited upon us in our ancient past and effected change and growth. Or even evolutionary hindrance. Either way, I don't have any real answers. But it makes more sense to me than believing another flesh and blood man who is at the same stage of evolution as me. I also like how someone else said, "I believe in myself." Indeed, something the WT discouraged me to do.

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