Victoria, Australia: All five cases made it through the court. Nothing thrown out!

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  • sabastious

    SV, litigation takes a lot of money. My guess is that the Victorian Government doesn't have enough funds to pursue every occurrence of people or organizations breaking their new child protection laws. Besides, even if they did think of how many cases the government could have at one time. They would need to prioritize the investigations which would take time. Unthank merely expedited the whole process by doing a bunch of the work himself.


  • diamondiiz

    An IF question here. What if Mr. Unthank wins the five cases or even the cases that don't have the proper representation. Does this mean that FDS or any member of the anointed in Victoria will be or can be charged when discovered? How could one find out who these are? If you see a partaker in Victoria, report him/her to the police as part of FDS and would these people be jailed or charged if Unthank won that case? I understand that if GB lost they would simply never show up in Victoria state - or would that mean all of Australia but they still have the option not to go there but the partakers who live in Victoria???? I know this is a big IF but still it's an weird case that can affect GB and FDS(anyone claiming to be an anointed).

  • clarity

    Barbara ....nice going! Thanks for the report.


    { I think the name is Vincent Toole. He is part of the Watchtower B&TS of Australia's legal team.}

    Toole?? Vincent TOOLE!!! hahahahahahaha ... too funny!


  • Quarterback

    Thanks, Barbara..I'm anxious to hear of the details this weekend, as are many others.

  • Igot2bme

    Thanks Barb for the info! Totally made my day!!! :)

  • skeeter1

    SV, I remember reading that most entitites complied with this law. The Catholics, Baptists, etc. had their ministers and staff get the license. Becuase these "false religions" complied with the law, Victoria didn't have to go after them. Witnesses are low on a government radar, to be honest. Most people in the world don't think of the word, 'Jehovah's Witness' each day. So, it's not a surprise to me that the State wouldn't have gotten involved if it wasn't for Steve.


  • Mad Sweeney
  • AndersonsInfo

    The Magistrates' Court Criminal Trial Listings have been published on the official web site:

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Thanks Barb, Ive been waiting for 13th Sept for a while now, appreciate you keeping us updated.

    Paula x

  • AndersonsInfo

    Food for thought: What will WT leaders do if Steven Unthank is interviewed by a reporter from a world-wide media corporation and the WT was informed that such an interview had taken place and will be shown around the world but they don't know when? Will all JWs be told not to watch or listen to the news or any news programs until the all clear comes from headquarters to do so once again? In light of the latest warnings from WT to the flock not to read or watch any negative information presented about the organization, this could be a very real scenario in the future if these five criminal cases continue. And if these cases fail, one of these days there will be a case that won't and the above could very well take place. And what would the sanctions be if a Witness does watch or read an expose' on JWs?


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