Victoria, Australia: All five cases made it through the court. Nothing thrown out!

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  • DesirousOfChange

    And thank you, Barbara, for not behaving like a nut-case, as does Kool-aid man.

    You have class and respectability.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    As I've stated before, this case troubles me. No one sitting in America would bow to the jurisdiction of an Australia court, unless there were sizeable assets present in Australia. This is standard behavior. It may also be arrogance. The time to celebrate is when a trial court allows the case to proceed, enters a legally binding judgment. Australia can only seize assets unless the GB members show up in Australia.

    It seems a silly thing for the Witnesses to stake their claim on how to deal with pedophiles. I understand they want freedom of religion to the fullest extent. Some compromise could be brokered. The Witnesses could comply and claim victory. The Roman Catholic Church was defended by vicious lawyers who only saw a principle. No concern for victims was shown. As a result of this legal strategy, the Church has lost thousands of members, many members donate to charity directly rather than the church. The publicity of Church complicity and protection of pedophiles has poisoned feelings and good will towards the Church.

    Penny wise, pound foolish. Besides the zombies, no one is concerned with purity of law. Protection of innocent children should come first. What Pharisees! Not that I think the 1st century Pharisees were as rotten as the NT portrays them.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I honestly don't think Mr.Unthank expects any of the GB to show up and he certainly doesn't expect the FDS to show (since they don't exist). I expect the Australian corporation will be the only one to even defend itself throughout the proceedings but at some point won't they be asked about their co-defendants and whether there is some relationship with them and to what extent?

    Then we get to hear (assuming they don't get the proceedings gag-ordered) what the Borg spin on this entire thing is.

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    According to Sunday's WARNINGS Watchtower study, the spin would be that these proceedings are false stories that the faithful must avoid. It was stated by the conductor that participation on such sites as this constitutes an act of disloyalty toward Jehovah and the Organization.


  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Thanks for the update, Barbara. You are a class act.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Happy to hear it made it this far.

    Thanks Barbara and I agree with DesirousOfChange of the way you post your truly have class. Thanks so much for all of your work,


  • dgp


  • JRK

    Thank you for the update Barbara, and look forward to your next posts.


  • sabastious

    If the leaders of the Watchtower Corporation end up being wanted for breaking Victorian law then the Watchtower will have to, at the very least, move out of Victoria, correct? How does that even work? Would it be "illegal" for anyone in Victoria to be a Witness? The more I think about it the more I see a stonewall stalemate between the Victorian government and the Watchtower Corporation.

    Yes, the Governing Body have broken Victorian law, but how does Victoria enforce that law in this circumstance? Is this going to be like SEAL 6 and Bin Laden?


  • ScenicViewer

    I have something of a side question for Barbara, or others.

    Why did Steven Unthank, a private citizen, have to take on this case if the first place? It doesn't make sense to me for Victoria to have a child protective law that it will not inforce through the proper authorities. If other religious groups have complied, but the Watchtower has not, what was the government going to do, let the Watchtower slide by forever? What would be point of the law, and how would it protect children, in that case?

    Is there an authority in Victoria (or any other part of Australia where a similar law exists) that has gone after any group, religious or secular, for non-compliance?

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