Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 09-11-2011 WT Study (CLEAR WARNINGS)

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  • blondie

    NVR2L8, I am inactive and I'm not worried. You are not obligated to talk or meet with the elders. The elders are mandated each year to call on the inactive and df'd and very few do. Too busy putting out fires maybe to do prevention, or they just lack interest.

  • WTWizard

    I got through the first 10 paragraphs, and the whole article is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Everything they are bashing "apostates", they themselves are doing. Tampering with road signs? Where is the "a generation" sign that is supposed to guide people to when the end is supposed to come? I suppose they don't think of that as tampering with the signs.

    The dry well? What about each time the end was supposed to come, and it didn't? And I am not talking a few weeks or months of late time, either. This started in 1874! The most recent major one was 1975--"Stay alive 'til '75!" People sold out, went into debt, and then 1976 came and they had to pay for all that debt. At which point the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger came out and said that they never claimed 1975 was the end. Yet, those who held back, reserving energy and resources in case 1975 didn't bring the end were hounded to death about pio-sneering and doing more before 1975.

    Among the Gibbering Body, Raymond Franz was the only one that wasn't mentally diseased. Everyone else went along with pushing the flock, not doing anything themselves, and oppressing the congregation. They began taking away all the fun soon after 1980, and I noticed that trend really picking up speed beyond the mid 1990s.

  • NVR2L8


    I was thinking that after a DC, the CO's visit, elder school or WT article on specific matters elders have this guilty feeling of not doing enough to help the weak...or they get a zealous rush to settle matters. Last spring they came to visit while my wife was "conveniently" away for the day...I didn't let them in and asked them to just leave me alone. I know that this can only last for a while especially when my unbaptized son is also missing a lot of meetings...only his newly baptized wife and children now attend meetings. They may think that I am a bad influence on my family...

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Draw away disciples…now how many here on JWN have or want to start their own religion?I was told that Ray Franz had done that and never saw any evidence.

    What is an apostate…was Jeremiah considered an apostate in his religious group?Is speaking out against the lies and hypocrisy of the WT organization then apostasy…then Jeremiah was an apostate.

    Good point Blondie.

    This was another one of those articles where the WTBTS doesn't know what the hell its' talking about!

    Thank you.

  • BluesBrother

    this is a real rant on their part...The writer must have been emotionally charged to pump this into his workstation....I felt that I was reading one of WTWIZARD's posts about them!

    I have never read an article in this style before, not even, to my best recollection in the '80's Apostascandal.

    Notice how they describe "Apostates"..."evil,speaking twisted things, cunning, corruptive ideas, smugglers, clandestine, subtle, mentally diseased, disloyal"

    What? little old you and me??? This is the ranting of a deluded dictatorial leadership.

    P4 "their aim draw away disciples after themselves"....Now correct me if I am wrong but I do not know of any church group headed by an ex J W. The rumours about Ray Franz doing so were false. That is just not true.

    P9 "False stories"? J W's have spread plenty of those , including exaggerating the dangers of Blood Transfusion, that demonic messages lie in Rock records, that Smurfs are demons and other urban myths, whether official or unofficial..

    It comes down to the unshakable belief shared by all sincere J W's, that to follow the WTS is to follow God and Christ and to question the WTS is to be disloyal to God and Christ ..What kind of a cult does that make them????

  • AnnOMaly
  • Quarterback

    Funny, but while I was going through this study at the meeting, I kept thinking about, Blondie's take on all of this.

    It is very apparent that the ORG has launched a crusade against any thinking that different than what they present. This WT study confirms that.

    I know that this site and many others will only increase.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Thanx for your insite Blondie. It is obvious that they are the very people they are warning their followers against. I wish more of them could figure it out.

  • cyberguy

    Hey Blondie,

    This WT was designed (in MHO) to DF or DA all those who left, but who were not officially DF’d or DA’d. Do you see that too?

    A long-time “friend” of mine, a previous missionary, CO, DO, Branch Overseer, blah, blah, blah, (and slave beater!), said I DA’d myself by saying that I could no longer wanted to go to meetings! This was recently, after 8+ years of him not treating me this way (he's in his late 70s). Not only did he drink the Kool-Aid, but he bathed in it! Swam in it! (Evidently, he did some back-flips off the high-board after reading this crap, and immersed himself in this poison-the wife too!) So, yeah, these little demons in Brooklyn-the mini-popes, are responsible for this latest delivery of poison, but there’s accountability to go around. People CHOICE WHAT THEY WANT TO DO!

    I left because I chose to no longer listen or follow the demonic teachings and influence of the hypocrites in Brooklyn! Everyone can choose too, if they want to! If they REALY want to! Agree? This includes family too! There's no excuse! This reaction from a "close friend" tells me who my real friends are, who my real family is. It also speaks to their claim to be God’s representatives! (I can’t even repeat all the self-edifying expressions they've made in recent years-I just want to gag thinking about it!) The more they spew out this piousness hatred, the more I recognize they have NOTHING to do with God, Christ or the Bible (or anything good, righteous, or just)! But then again, they started-off as a demonic-cult, looking to the Great Pyramid as their prophetic instrument to salvation, a calculator to determine when Christ (actually a demon-God as I see it) would return and make them “special!” Good grief-what the hell did I get myself into when I was a young boy and joined this cult!

    Thanks again for your coverage, but this was very difficult for me to deal with. (Maybe this is my fault for still trying to hang-on!) But it's hard, even at my age (and I'm around your age, Blondie)!



  • DesirousOfChange

    They're basically admitting that "apostates" are now inside the compound.

    Well, hell yes they are inside the compound.

    JWN had link for the copy of the new "elders' book" before the local elders did.

    Letters to Body of Elders avail for download via link on JWN this week.

    Dissolution of CBS announced on JWN before announcements at Cong Meetings.

    Public Talk outlines avail on the web.

    More like the fox is minding the chicken coop.


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