A chance encounter that proved how much I've grown.

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  • purpleplus

    Hello everyone,

    While at a gas station, I saw an acquaintance from my JW days. I spoke to him first and he responded. We had a little small talk.

    We parted ways for a moment, then he mentioned that he hadn't seen me at the hall in a while.

    Me: "Oh, I don't do that anymore." said as if I was referring to smoking or some other bad habbit

    Him: "What?" as if to confirm what he just heard

    Me: "I don't go to the hall anymore"

    Him: "Oh, what happened?" like he really wanted to know

    Me: "I looked into some things, and the things didn't add up."

    Him: "Well, I can understand that... How's your mother and father?" we were in high school together so he was aquainted with my family

    Me: "We're all happy and healthy"

    He said something else before that, which I can't remember. Then we said our goodbyes. Anyway the point is I told this guy that I DON'T go to the hall by CHOICE. He's probably an elder at his congregation now. It felt good to be honest and forthright. Yay me!

  • Quendi

    Congratulations on exercising your freedom of conscience, speech, and choice! Regardless of how your former JW colleague may have viewed the encounter, you've taken another step into a much larger and better world.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Well, congratulations on arriving at such a place. WOO HOO!.

  • cantleave


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    "Well, I can understand that..."

    That's an interesting comment. My lot would never say anything that even remotely suggested that they could understand someone having doubts after looking into WT doctrines.



  • ABibleStudent

    Hi purpleplus, congratulations on being honest and couragious!!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • fade_away

    He said "I can understand that". Maybe he has some doubts of his own.

  • steve2

    I like your natural responses to the JWs questions. You sounded relaxed and easy going, not like you were itching for a confrontation. This speaks well of you and I think the JW may have sensed your low-key but honest attitude. Some people say "I can understand that..." as a bit of meaningless social nicety - a bit like saying "Have a nice day". He quickly inquired about your parents...Good safe way to deflect the topic. Still a nice JW is far more tolerable than the other kind.

  • flipper

    PURPLEPLUS- I agree, yay for you ! You did great ! JW's expect us to be ashamed about not going to meetings like holding our heads down or something when we tell them we don't attend. But you held your head high, you were forthright and honest, and deep down proud of the informed decision you have made . And that is awesome. None of us have ANY reason to feel shame over not attending anymore. If anything, we should feel proud we had the courage to exit the Witnesses. Just my 2 cents

  • purpleplus

    Thank you for the replies.

    Yeah, JW's expect us to be ashamed and miserable for leaving the borg. If only they knew the truth.

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