A chance encounter that proved how much I've grown.

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  • sizemik

    Nice post purpleplus . . . and yes, well done.

    It feels good to be comfortable and unapologetic for leaving . . . and to make it plain that we are. Even a broad smile and an obvious air of confidence in our manner impacts on them, I believe.

    "Well, I can understand that...

    Possibly translated "Well, I don't want to hear any more . . . you seem too happy about it"

  • ambersun

    Great post purpleplus!

    I can really relate to how you must feel after handling that encounter with an ex JW acquaintance so confidently and pleasantly. Your post has really inspired me.

    Pre internet days, I used to get totally tongue tied whenever I encountered a JW who would start quizzing me with canned questioning designed to make me feel ashamed and upset and I would quickly change the subject to deflect any further questioning. However, since being on this site and reading the experiences of other ex dubs, and realising I have nothing to be ashamed or guilty about, things have changed and I have gained so much confidence.

    Me and hubby will be seeing some JW relatives later today, who we meet up with about once a year, and if they start asking questions I am actually looking forward to the chance to talk honestly and factually and without shame, about why we left and will never be going back.

    Thanks purpleplus and everyone else on JW.Net for helping to inspire such confidence in me

  • Quandry

    Ha! Wonder what he told everyone after he saw you!

    Last year, I was in a store and saw a JW from a previous KHall I went to. We said hello to each other,etc. and then she asked what hall I went to now. I stated that I don't go to the KHall anymore. She looked incredulous and said, "None?" I said, "No, I don't go to any KHall anymore." I said a pleasant good-bye to her and left the store-oh, to be a fly on the wall when she went to the next meeting!

  • purpleplus

    Thank you for the encouragement guys!

    @sizemik: I like your translation.

    @ambersun: Isn't this board great! I hope you and your hubby have an open discussion with your relatives. Who knows what will come of it.

    @Quandry: Yes, I'm curious about people's reactions when he shares this encounter with others.

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