Social Isolation & The Witnesses

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  • minimus

    The truth is that Jehovah's Witnesses purposely try to insulate their own members. They want their own to be "no part of the world". They do not sanction unnecessary association with "worldly people". Even certain Witnesses within their congregations are viewed as 'weak ones" and some are even 'marked"to be taken special notice of (due to their not adhering to counsel and direction from their elders).

    Children are raised to stay away from non-jw kids, They are told to not engage in interactive sports after school or clubs because they must remain "unspotted" by those that are not Jehovah's Witnesses. Going to college is considered a terrible choice and if an elder desires that his child goes to a university, the others in the congregation will view him as someone they can no longer respect!

    Many people think Jehovah's Witnesses are weird, different, odd. And they are. They want to isolate their members and have them depend upon no one in the outside world.


  • minimus

    I'm tellin' ya, I need to keep it in question form.

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    I LOVE THIS!!!!

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    so true, minimus.

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    MINIMUS: True. I always felt the JW religion tried to pretend it was a little village in ancient Israel. I hate to burst their bubble though. The reality is they are playing a game of pretend in the modern-day world. Anybody who plays along with this charade does so at their own expense! Everybody has to make a living and function in the REAL world. This is the reality.

  • flipper

    MINIMUS- Even within the Witnesses they shun and isolate each other not only based on whether someone's " weak " - but just because a person doesn't fit into cliques in congregations.

    I just got off the phone with my older ( 60 yrs. old ) JW sister and she told me that her JW daughter and son in law were going to his sister's wedding - yet my sister, his mother in law was not invited to the wedding as it was invitation only. And these are JW's involved. His sister is a JW. My other older JW sister's JW missionary daughter & husband are visiting - yet they haven't once said " hello " or contacted my other JW sister I was talking to who didn't get invited to the wedding . And my sister has lupus, has had strokes, knee problems, and arthritis. My sister was very happy I called her up. She doesn't get that much attention from her JW relatives in her area !

    The callousness I have seen even in my JW family astounds me as I watch from a distance. Perhaps it will get my JW sister to think , but I doubt it

  • He man Witness
    He man Witness

    This is it the cults try to do: To Isolate the people. The circle of friends just turning around of the cult. Only I can have friends from the same group, and then, when you want to get out of this group, so late you discover that you donĀ“t have friends, just have "partners" from the cult, and you lost everyone if you leave out.

    (sorry for bad english)

  • EmptyInside

    Yes,that's true,Flipper,Jehovah's Witnesses are good at excluding other Witnesses.

    Now,the trend is to send out two seperate kinds of invitations at weddings. One is for those only invited to the wedding at the Kingdom Hall. And then,most everyone else gets invited to the reception also.

    Now,I know weddings are expensive and you can't invite everyone,but I find the trend disturbing.

    I was invited to a former friend's wedding where two different invitations were given out. A lot of elders and their families were invited to the reception dinner,but a few of us "peasants" had to wait a couple of hours to enjoy the cake and punch reception. I could care less about the dinner,but it was the principle of the matter ,and so I didn't go at all.

    And the final straw for me on Witness social gatherings, was when there was a surprise anniversary party planned for an elder and his wife.

    I was pretty close to the wife. I hung out their house a lot and was in their book study. Well,I heard later they had a party for them for the book study,plus others in the congregation. But,my parents and I weren't invited,but a new big shot elder and his family who only recently started attended meetings at our hall were invited. That just hurt. I knew that couple had no control over who was invited though.

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