Social Isolation & The Witnesses

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  • Spectre

    But, but, but....I've heard that the definition of a cult is a group that follows a charismatic man. The j-dubs definitely do NOT fall in this category! How was the donkey show?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    thats the watchtowers definition of a cult i am afraid...


  • ambersun
    I've heard that the definition of a cult is a group that follows a charismatic man.

    I feel it is unlikely the WTS would be where it is today without all those years under Rutherford's controlling influence. Love him or hate him, he certainly had a charismatic appeal to his followers who continue being loyal to his teachings. 'New Light' only happens when one of his original teachings becomes obsolete and therefore has to be changed.

    That's my feelings on the matter anyway

  • designs

    If you are really really Theocratic you can end up with no Friends.....

  • NewChapter

    Jehovah is the only friend you really need.

  • LongHairGal

    EMPTY INSIDE: Yeah, witnesses can SHOVE their wedding invitations! I remember being invited to an unfriendly JWs wedding -- after several people cancelled, that is! I was going to decline but went anyway. I just gave a much smaller 'gift' than I would have given to someone who really liked me!

  • Ding
    The truth is that Jehovah's Witnesses purposely try to insulate their own members.

    This is so true.

    I didn't grow up in the borg.

    I had some classmates in school who were JWs, but it was impossible to be friends with them.

    They couldn't participate in anything and never talked about anything beyond the superficial.

    If they had talked about anything deeper, it would have to have been to try to witness to me.

    The WTS isolates their people in this way, and then JWs think the world is out to persecute them.

    In fact, their alienation is deliberately created by the GB and its policies.

  • d

    I was very much antisocial as a JW.

  • Violia

    During HS years there was a small group of who were " theocratic" and did follow all the stupid rules the wts made, no sports, clubs pep rallies, after school activities or really anything fun. That [ group was very small, about 4-5 maybe. The rest of the jws kids ignored the rules the wts made. Twenty years later all the kids who broke the rules etc were the elders and popular ones in the KH. The theocratic group were told they took things too literal.

  • jay88

    I have to agree 1000000%

    It would help the individual to have a group for whatever interest they may have, instead of a "one-size fits all approach".

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