Social Isolation & The Witnesses

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  • minimus

    Many Witnesses think they have no where to go.....sad.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    We were very socially isolated at the local KH. My father and uncle left Bethel with a distaste for a..-kissing. They were not powerhouses locally. Superstardom eluded them purposefully. I believe they were at Bethel when it was very small. They could not break free but knew what bs Bethel was. Tellingly, neither announced to the local KH that they served at Bethel. They had connections to be superstars but refused to play.

    I lived in a geographical whites only enclave separate from the other Witnesses in the housing project. There were no Witness kids to play with after school. I prayed so hard to God for a JW friend my age. My family made no effort to make play dates. We were treated with disdain. My father never clarified his intentions. Sisters wore hankies and prayed in front of him, a very demeaning event. They were jokes. When they need money to help lazy sisters with bills or loan for a KH, they suddenly knew him.

    My big escape was college. I thought I could be in Witness society one day and automatically be the toast of an Ivy League campus the next. It was utter agony for me until I assimilate. Most people in cults have a very rough transition. Cults count on that pain.

  • trailerfitter

    Well yes.. social isolation.. Starting with not celebrating xmas and birthdays,........yes lets all be different from everyone else. I can say luckily my christmas card list has grown shorter this year...yey!!

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