Theological Arguments, Human Realities

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  • PSacramento

    Through personal experience I agree, grace is the answer.

    We tend to do almost everything with ulterior motives, typically selfish ones.

    Our failing is in our Pride, our misguided notion that we can do it without God, even though we are designed to do it WITH God.

    Because if our pride and of our innate selfishness, God's grace is really the only viable answer.

  • AllTimeJeff

    This is an apology to Sulla.

    I got my say in, and Sulla disagreed with me, which I took way too personally.

    I still think poorly of Sulla, but that is my perrogative, and it has nothing to do with Sulla's personal beliefs. Sulla you are entitled to your opinions.

    So, I apologize to you Sulla that I reacted in kind, because I was a bit of an asshole here and on other related threads. I could have said what I should have said then: "That is your opinion, and we have had our say. I am through debating."

    I happily do not apologize for any of the beliefs I expressed, only that this discussion turned into an insult match of sorts between two people who use passive aggressive arguments as skilled weapons.

    Back to real life!

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