Theological Arguments, Human Realities

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  • tec

    What I have said is that converting to the JWs is a signal of those sorts of attitudes. And what I have said I mean by that is that JWs attract a disproprotionate number of intellectually lazy and arrogant people. Please take the time to read that twice: I literally cannot make the point any clearer than that, ok?

    I know what your point is. Changing the wording makes no difference. Trying to clarify makes no difference. I know what you are saying and I disagree with you, 100%. Sizemik disagrees with you 100%. Since we are in the category of which you are trying to make a blanket statement about, maybe you should think about that and perhaps reconsider your stance.

    Converting to JW's as an adult is not a signal of those things. It can be for some... just as it can also be a signal of people disillusioned by the hypocricy seen in other parts of Christianity, now honestly and sincerely seeking something that is closer to the truth. I would think that the latter occurs far more often than the former, but that is based on my understanding of why I and some others joined (or almost joined) in the first place.

    Making the generalization that you are making is no different 'in essence' than an atheist saying that people believe only because they are afraid of death.



  • designs

    size- Its all done to mask his own chagrin over snorting a line from St. Augustine and liking it and then becoming a Catholic.

    EP- classic.

  • Twitch


    I luvs da interwebs,..

  • PSacramento


    Speechless really....

  • sizemik

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 230

    For those that are familiar with my posting style . . . you will know that angry "cussing" is not a regular feature.

    When somebody dons the garments of erudition, and uses such as a disguise for benightedness . . . then the intromissive light of intellectual denudation can be shone in many ways. One such method is the gravitative pull of execration. It has the effect of promoting reflexive divulgence.

    In other words . . . the disguise falls away of it's own accord and the true nature of that which is hidden becomes apparent.

    If such has been the case . . . I leave you to decide.

    Oh and sulla . . . I'm now a student of human psychology . . . not theology.

    You've just been had.

  • soft+gentle

    Sulla, sizemik, Jeff, designs,tec, psac, shamus, bohm ..... (me I guess too - and hope I haven't missed anyone) - passional demo of SWT?

    best way to sublimate - have hot sex with your mate

    Simple SW

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  • PSacramento

    Trying to get back on topic, somehow...

    The one thing my studies on theology have allowed me to understand is the great varieity and flavour of the different views that, in the end, lead to the same place - God.

    The works of Augustine and Aquinas, of the writers of the NT and of modern writers such as Wright, Keller, Metzger, Ehrman, Bloomberg, Craig, Bruce and so many others, have opened my eyes to the rich tapestery that is Theology and, personally, I am all the better for it.

  • soft+gentle

    too true psac

    Augustine was an amazing guy and he never shirked confronting reality. I have a lot of respect for him.

  • PSacramento

    I agree, I may not agree with all his views ( I think his views on sex were a bit to tainted from his understanding of Paul AND his very promiscus youth), but he was an excellent defender of his understanding of The Way.

    There are modern apologetics that are every bit as good, if not better, than the calssical ones.

  • soft+gentle

    same here. I like how he tried to grapple with human failing - his answer was GRACE.

    He was also open to the east.

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