DO THE MATH: The Jehovah's Witness PREMISE doesn't add up

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Great post! It was "the math" that got me thinking to start with. I fails on SOOOOOO many levels it is not even funny.

  • jookbeard

    the maths certainly dont add up and never will , never have done, take the example of India and China nations that have populations of well over a Billion each , India has just 30k JDubs China probably has virtually none, yet the brain dead Jdubs will bang on about how jerkhobah is really blessing these people and when the ban in China is lifted they will see a huge flocking of Chinese people to become Jdubs, wont ever happen, they will never be interested. I always remember the ban on Russia and countires of the old USSR and how exited the R&F were at the explosion of the work that would happen in these countries TBH I was quite disappointed in our brothers in Russia turned out the Russian people weren't so bothered about the Good News much at all.

  • Terry

    Warn people? WHICH PEOPLE?

    There are always MORE than you can reach.

    Bloodguilty? Who is killing them?

    JEHOVAH! Should we presume they don't deserve it? (58 million in the womb, remember?)

    Performing an activity which IS COMMANDED is obedience. An activity without a possible objective is a FUTILITY.

    Commanding a futile objective is cynical.

    You cannot warn the UNBORN. But, you can DESTROY the unborn.

    The unborn are unable to REPENT.

    The Adamic sin (Augustine's silly idea) is non-repentable. It is (sure, it is) INHERITED.

    The Watchtower activity of door to door witnessing IS and always HAS BEEN about SELLING STUFF FOR MONEY.

  • Terry

    Maybe my fav post by you Terry!


    Oh? Do tell!

    To me, I just take a giant step back and look at the obvious AS THOUGH I don't already KNOW.

    I call it "A Martian's perspective".

    What would a Martian landing on Earth ask and how would having no previous context to fall back on affect the discovery of simple information.

    Thought for the Day: What you think you KNOW you never really think about again.

  • erbie

    Great work Terry!

    I was thinking of going back to the reindoctrination process but having carefully considered your figures and diagrams I'm gonna knock the whole idea on the head.

    May I thank you for your finely formulated machinations in extricating me from such a devastating dilemma.

    They're gonna have to watch it now. We're on to them and we've got data!

  • Terry

    They're gonna have to watch it now. We're on to them and we've got data!


    Data is for the rational mind. The Governing Body is about obedience.

    Basic Training in the army is designed to disconnect YOUR OWN rational thoughts from SIMPLY OBEYING commands.

    So is the Basic Training of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Getting an active JW to REALLY THINK is the hardest task anybody can undertake.

    REFLEX is at work and not mental analysis.

    Once they BELIEVE their brain goes to sleep. Faith and Belief are rational sleep modes!

  • Vanderhoven7

    270 TIMES 216,000 = 58,320,000 (58 million!)

    Are you ready to use that information to refute Matthew 24:14? (King James Version (KJV)

    14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

    I see a problem. Even if Matthew 24:14 applies to the 21st century (which it doesn't BTW) JWs would probably counter that population statistics cannot legitimately be used to refute this verse. As long they are publishing nationally throughout the world, they would say they are fulfilling its' requirements.

  • sizemik
  • erbie

    You're absolutely right of course. I was recently reading an article on the subconscious mind and how it learns by repetition whereas the conscious mind learns by taking in information and evaluating it. Makes you think about all those Watchtower articles we were told to read, then we underline it. On Sunday morning we have it read to us as we follow it through and then we have to scan through it again when we are asked questions on it. Repetition. It is a very simple method but extremely successful nevertheless.

  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    They do have an answer for this. I think it was first published in the Greatest Man book where it talks about Jesus saying that the circuit of the cities would not be completed before the end comes. They came right out and said this means the preaching work would not be fully accomplished. Of course, this directly contradicts other Bible citations but that's never bothered them before.

    They've always relied on throwing a lot of bullshit out there and hoping most of the brain-numbed culties won't notice it.

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