DO THE MATH: The Jehovah's Witness PREMISE doesn't add up

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    That quote from the August 3, 1928 magazine helps explain why jws and xjws often make very good salespeople.

    You are right Terry. With the Watchtower Society it has always been about selling junk and not necessarly to the public. Even if a JW goes out all day and no one takes the books or magazines the Watchower still wins because those books and magazines have already paid for poor mislead sucker who is wasting his or her day trying to sell them. And if they happen to place a few then the Wt gets to double dip and get paid again for the literature. Like MLM people who have a garage full of soap they thought they were good to sell every JW has a room full of old magazines and book they thought they could place.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Blondie, they must have said something like before 2000 because I remember something like that being said (probably at the Theocratic Ministry School) when I was a JW in the seventies. We had a lot of gated communities in my area and we were told that their blood was on their own hands if they put themselves in a postition were we couldn't reach them.

  • thetrueone

    The bible is full of illogical premise, be that it may, some men instinctively feel its worthy for them to propagate these mythological stories,

    mostly for inner personal desires of power, control and for course money. The WTS has always been commercial exploiters of these mythological stories.

  • Terry

    I see a problem. Even if Matthew 24:14 applies to the 21st century (which it doesn't BTW) JWs would probably counter that population statistics cannot legitimately be used to refute this verse. As long they are publishing nationally throughout the world, they would say they are fulfilling its' requirements.

    Well, for that sort of argument to fly they'd be admitting there is no actual merit to the MESSAGE because it isn't read, understood or available to the unborn, newborn, children, rural Asians, illiterate, mentally challenged, etc.

    Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom is more like farting in the elevator and thinking the entire building is now "informed".

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