DO THE MATH: The Jehovah's Witness PREMISE doesn't add up

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  • blondie

    Actually d2d is for the jw, they demonstrate they are worthy of salvation, like Ezekiel said, they would be bloodguilty if they did not do it; it doesn't have to be effective.

    In 2000 the WTS said each individual does not even have to be witnessed to....that there is a community responsibility. Like if you lived in a security locked building and jws could not get to you. You would be responsible for your destruction.

  • elderelite

    Well lest we forget, if some dont individually hear the good news,then they have a consious that can excuse or accuse them, according to romans and jw's...

    Oh wait.... Why preach in the first place..? Sigh.... Cirular logic....

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Maybe my fav post by you Terry! Im starting to get how you work....


  • LostGeneration

    Why preach in the first place..?

    If those damn rocks would start crying out...this could all be solved in about 5 minutes!

  • stillin

    But wait! "God doesn't desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance!"

    You just are not looking at things correctly. The way to look at it Let me research that and I'll get back with you on my return visit.

  • elderelite

    Barbs point is accurate also.... The annonted are called "the watchman" class! They have to preach... To warn everyone, "the wicked", before god takes action! He cant take action until a warning is given, like in noah's day! Cause noah was a 'preacher of righeousness', even though the bible never says he preached anything until the "new testament" throws it in....

    But the point is, if god destroys a wicked person and YOU didnt warn him, its YOUR FAULT...

    Of course as terry says, more born everyday, etc etc... So back to square one....

    Whats the point when everyOne coild never be warned..?

  • thetrueone

    The bible is full of illogical premise, be that it may, some men instinctively feel its worthy for them to propagate these mythological stories,

    mostly for inner personal desires of power, control and for course money. The WTS has always been commercial exploiters of these mythological stories.

    The god Jehovah is said to be a loving and just god but is he when kills innocent people or stands in approval of others killing innocent

    people in his name ?

    The JWS are an organized group of people who worship the doctrines of men, who've self proclaimed they have been given something special

    that no other organization on earth receives, but then again doesn't every Publishing house have a set marketing scheme ?

  • thetrueone

    To the WTS the actual numbers don't count for them, concerning the total of the world's population,

    its the fear that they stimulate among a given segment of the population .

    Thats where the MATH does count

  • Bella15

    Revelation talks of a gospel that will be preached by an angel in the Tribulation period. If you see the order of Jesus' answer in Matthew 24 kind of correspond to Revelation 14. Of course and as usual everything in the bible is about JW according to the WT Crookporation.

  • WTWizard

    This means Armageddon cannot come when everyone is prepared. You are always going to have a certain number of children just below the age of accountability--and, by the time you reach every single one of them, another batch will be right at that age. This process never ends as long as children are born.

    As for their promise that "the end is close, and getting closer", that doesn't add up either. If you disobeyed the hounders and paid attention to ninth grade algebra instead of your Washtowel, you would understand what happens when you graph equations. You can get equations that forever approach a certain line--but never quite get there. When graphed, they are close to these lines, and getting closer--but never will they actually reach those lines. True, they might appear to, usually because of finite resolutions and/or sloppy plotting of your graphs (which is unavoidable). But, if you had infinite resolution and zero sloppiness in plotting, you would see that the graph of the equation never quite crosses those lines. The simplest example is Y=1/X; Y=0. You have simultaneous equations that are forever getting closer, but there is no root (or point where they cross).

    The reason the Washtowel doesn't want you paying attention to algebra is simple. If one equation can be forever getting closer to another without their being a root, then why can't another? What if Armageddon is one equation and real time is another--forever getting closer, but never intersecting? Supposing Jehovah is simply plotting real time as Y=1/X and Armageddon as Y=0? Since X is very large by now, Y is very close to 0 but will never reach 0. Similarly, it is possible for Armageddon to never happen--and if it doesn't, the witlesses will be wasting all their time and bearing a huge opportunity cost simply for nothing. And, if any gained back their wits, they would simply quit.

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