Happily living life after the JWs. I didnt know it was possible.

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  • TimothyT

    Lol... im not going into detail... but this has nothing to do with gay sex. Lol. I have never had gay sex (assuming that i know what you are refering to) and i dont think i ever will. HAHA!

    It feels fabulous to be loved and to be cared for by a person you know you can love and care for back. I NEVER got this within the JWs. Their love is usualy ALWAYS conditional which both sucks and blows!

    I do agree though that now, i can do many things and no one can say a DAMN word. It feels good! :D

    Timmy xxx

  • cantleave

    Go!!!! Be Freee..........

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Im particulary happified that your picture has gradually got bigger, and youve revealed yourself.......speaks volumes!

    Good Luck Timmy x

  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    So glad to hear that you're free and living life! Indeed, you can have a happy life outside the WT, but of course the WT doesn't want people to know that such ones exist.

    And WTWizard is right - once you're out of the Borg, you can truly have fun!

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Nice for the newbies to see your face and read that indeed...things can get better- you can control your life

    -glad to hear that you are happy


  • Dudu

    Congratulations dear ... im experiencing the same, i have an amazing wordly boyfriend who is supporting me and helping me, my job is doing good as well as my business. I am not df d but im fading and i feel great, closer to God, closer to all my family (who arent JW). Has been awhile i wasnt able to say this : I am happy!!!

  • mindseye

    Congratulations, Tim. Yes, life is good! Good to hear you're taking some classes. College was a life changer for me, opened me up to so many ideas and new ways of thinking! Psychotherapy is an interesting field too. Have fun!

  • aquagirl

    It makes me happy to see posts like yours!!!! Ill bet you are almost giddy from the happiness of being out of that cult?.Wait,itll get better,but there will sometimes be folks who will take you to task because they are either too weak or jealouse that you did it.Oh well,cant make everyone happy,Just yourself!!!!Enjoy,and congrats!!!!!!!!!

  • shamus100

    Sex is boring. Love is better.

    It is a great, liberating feeling to be free of the guilt, the control, and above all, the negativity week after week at the meetings. Dear god, what were we all thinking, LOL!

  • love2Bworldly

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