Happily living life after the JWs. I didnt know it was possible.

by TimothyT 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • sizemik

    Great choice on the psychotherapy/counselling courses Timmy. I'm certain you will get a tremendous fulfilment from doing this. Just be careful when the time comes just how much you take on . . . it can be tough dealing with broken souls. You can easily become attached to some . . . they are still very sweet human beings . . . and a good outcome isn't always guaranteed. Overall, there are few things of greater value than using your skills and experience to help breathe new life into someone . . . and few things that bring greater fulfilment.

    Your fellow psychology student and volunteer counsellor.

  • Jackals

    "(Tell him I say hi)"

    Hi! :) x

    Very proud of you Tim it took alot of strength to do what you did and you're reaping the benefits (and so am I!). Now's time to live!


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